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Good eats March 21, 2010

I’ve been so happy with Chris and I’s meals lately, and last night and today were no exception 🙂

Last night Chris and I went and wandered around Whole Foods for a while and left with a myriad of goodies – pizza crust, pizza sauce, chocolate chip cookies, blueberry scones, a Dave Matthews CD and dark chocolate/peanut butter/yogurt covered pretzels.  MMMM!

Last night we made up both of these pizza crusts from Whole Foods.  They are pre-cooked and organic.

We topped both pizzas with Whole Foods sauce (from the prepared foods section), mozzarella, Canadian bacon and turkey pepperoni.  One pizza also got topped with canned pineapple chunks on one half.  Both pizzas baked for 10 minutes and one got sliced and frozen (after cooling, and wrapped in 2 piece servings)…easy for a quick meal during the week!  I had 2 slices of pizza (with pineapple, please) and a salad with lots of goodies – carrots, bleu cheese, tomatoes, craisins, olives and vinaegrette.

Then, Chris and I settled into a dorkfest a back-to-back set of Titanic sets.  First, we watched a special on how the Titanic was actually discovered (did you know covert ops and the Cold War were involved??) and then watched a special on the issues with the wrought iron rivets used to reinforce the hull of the ship.  While watching we each had 1/4 of the first of our Chocomize candy bars.

This bar had dark chocolate, peanut M&Ms, toffee bits, caramel bits and Oreo pieces 🙂  This was REALLY good and I can’t wait to dig into the other 2 bars we ordered.  The chocolate was really quality texture and the toppings were overflowing.

And then, I sunk to a whole new level of dorkiness and watched an entire hour long show about, are you ready for this….beavers.  Yep.  That’s right.  I’m that person who sits home on a Saturday night and watches a National Geographic special about a beaver family that they taped for a year.  Yikes.  I did learn that beavers are the largest north American rodent, that their teeth never stop growing, their young are called kits and that beavers give birth to 3-4 kits at a time.  Interesting stuff folks 😉

This morning I choose to sleep in and let my ankle rest for an extra day (I have tomorrow off for vacation!!) and made a scramble of eggs, ham, feta, Gruyere and cheddar for breakfast.  On the side, we each had a blueberry scone from our WF trip.

After lazying around this morning, I hopped to it and cleaned the kitchen, tidied up the living room and did all the laundry.  And then, I started in on dinner.  I used a recipe from my Cooking Light cookbook and made my first batch of homemade baked beans.  I started out with white kidney beans, molasses, maple syrup, ketchup and spices…all mixed together with 3 slices of chopped bacon.  Everything went into the crockpot for about 5.5 hours, the house smelled soooo good! As the recipe is copyrighted and I didn’t modify it, I can’t share it here on the blog, but they were SO good.  If you’re interested in the recipe, shoot me an email!

Chris and I then retreated to the bedroom for some TV time while the beans cooked away in the crockpot.  Instead of lunch today, we had a big platter of snacks – the lighting in the bedroom was dark, so the picture’s not the best, but we each had a string cheese and then split little cups 9f turkey pepperoni, 2 kinds of olives, Sahale nuts, raspberries and yogurt pretzels.  Chris also had some Samoas.

It was so nice just to chill out and veg together!  🙂

After our veg fest I finished up dinner, I made oven-fried chicken adapted from a Cooking Light recipe.  I marinated 2 chicken breasts and 5 drumsticks in buttermilk for about an hour while baking a pan of cornbread.  After removing the cornbread from the oven I drained the chicken and dredged it in a mixture of flour, a dash of salt, Emeril’s Essence, Stubb’s and Famous Dave’s seasoning mix and cumin. After dredging the chicken once, Chris sprayed it with Pam and we dredged it again.  I baked the chicken for about 40 minutes at 450 degrees, turning once in the middle of cooking.

We ate dinner while watching a replay of Season 2 episode 1 of True Blood…I do love that show 🙂

I had one small breast and a drumstick:

A helping of corn (frozen this summer and heated up today) and beans:

And a slice of corn bread (this size x2) with butter and Crofter’s Super Fruit:

I love Sunday night comfort food.  After dinner we watched the second installment of the Pacific on HBO and tag-teamed the kitchen clean up duties.  Now I’m watching a documentary about hoarders on TLC and psyching up for tomorrow’s 8-10 mile run 🙂 I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday night and a beautiful Monday morning!


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  1. divasrun Says:

    I LOVE a good Hawaiian pizza!!!


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