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It’s a blizzard! March 23, 2010

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And this could be the biggie of the year.  So far we have this:

And we’re supposed to get another inch + an hour until sometime tomorrow for a grand total of 8-20 inches depending on where in the city you are.  Great fun 😉  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a snow day, I have 3 meetings tomorrow, but, I’d prefer the office to be closed if it’s going to continue to snow like this, I am NOT a fan of driving when it’s horrific like this 🙂

This morning though was a whole other weather story, I was wearing sunglasses and it was about 41 degrees out!  Only in CO…when I got to work I made a bowl of quick yogurt oats – I mixed a container of Wallaby fruit on the bottom yogurt:

With a packet of Quaker oats, granola and raisins:

Mid-morning I broke into this yummy mini-scone a co-worker dropped off at my desk while I was in meetings, I hadn’t had one before and they’re quite delish:

I was a crazy working beast today and the new thing I knew, it was lunch time.  I brought 3 slices of leftover pizza that we made this weekend and a cup of cheesy broccoli…mmm!

And then, more meetings and more crazy work monster 🙂 I did break for a snack and rather than breaking down and going to ‘bucks for a passion tea lemonade or latte, I made a cup of hot Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry tea and added a can of lemonade (we have free pop/lemonade/juice at work) and ice for my own iced tea lemonade 😀

And I broke into a baggie of Sahale Nuts and nut clusters I brought from home:

And before I knew it it was 5 and time to pack up.  It was raining when I left the office and by the time I got to the train station (4 blocks away) it was snowing, and hard!  Crazy that it was 41 this morning and within a few minutes it turned from rain to a snow that was piling up like mad.  And of course, the train was late!  So, I stood for 30 minutes in the slushy mess.  Le sigh.  Finally the train came and I rode home, all the while watching the poor folks sitting on the highway stuck in traffic and the deteriorating weather conditions.  I made it to the train station and slid all the way home, even with the 4 wheel drive and anti-lock brakes working overtime!  I was going a whopping 20 miles an hour.  Blech.  Have I mentioned I hate snow?  It’s not that I’m afraid of driving in it, I’m afraid of the people trying to go 45 in a blizzard driving a Prius 🙂

I had grand plans to go for a run tonight, but alas, with the power flickering on and off Chris talked me into staying home and cooking dinner instead.  Twist my arm 😉  I was secretly glad to not have to go back out in the nastiness to walk to the gym.  And it’s only getting worse since then.  We’ve cranked on the faux fireplace and are settled in for the evening watching some Top Gear we DVR’d the other night.

For dinner I made a quick scramble that was a repeat from this weekend, first, I grilled some Canadian bacon we had leftover from making pizza this weekend and then topped with Whole Foods feta, some diced gruyere and shredded natural cheddar.  My camera seems to have eaten a few pictures…

And the final product (4 whole organic eggs and 2 whites + some milk for extra fluffiness):

We heated up the leftover corn bread from Sunday night and I topped mine with butter and Crofter’s super fruit.  I’m about out and need to pick up more this weekend.

We also both had a cup of cocoa since it’s a blizzard, duh 😉

And now we just turned on Lost…crap, totally forgot it was on tonight and missed the first 30 minutes.  Drat!!

I hope you have a great night bloggies, stay warm!!  Has spring sprung in your neck of the woods, or are you experiencing the last late efforts of winter like we are here in CO?


2 Responses to “It’s a blizzard!”

  1. spring appears to have sprung here in new england although that doesn’t really mean anything ha! and lost was AMAZING tonight. hands down best episode yet 🙂

  2. divasrun Says:

    WOW, isn’t that funny that snow is still coming??? We had some on Monday, too! A few flakes, nothing serious.
    Try the Strawberry Passion, I believe is the name by Celestial Seasonings. It’s DELICIOUS iced! (If you added some liquor and froze it, it’d be a nice Strawberry Daiquiri! THat’s how yummy it is!)


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