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Snow Day!!!!! March 24, 2010

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We definitely have a snow day at work.  I’m working from home, from bed to be exact.  Why aren’t all desks made of memory foam and topped with a faux down comforter?  😉 Seriously, productivity levels would sky rocket if I was this comfy all day.

According to the news we have somewhere in the 1-2 feet of snow category, I actually can’t tell because our windows are frozen over from the snow coming down sideways/horizontal/anyway but normal last night.   I’m going to go wrangle up some breakfast, back later!!


2 Responses to “Snow Day!!!!!”

  1. divasrun Says:

    Stay warm and don’t let your pipes freeze!


  2. a.m. Says:

    Hey, I hope things are better now. K said that the sun came out and it will actually be warm tomorrow. I hope spring springs for you soon. 🙂

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