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April 2, 2010

Before I get to my day…have you seen this?!?!?!?  **Insert pre-teen squeal here…eeeeeeeee!!!!!!!**  Eclipse Trailer

Okie dokie, geek out over!  Phew, calming down…

Anyway, going back to this morning, I slept until 8 and was just awake, even though it was my day off!  I got dressed and headed out for a run, it was awful. Today was a good example for listening to your body, the wind was freezing cold and my lungs were not digging it.  So, I listened to my body and called it a day at .88 miles.  Not a great accomplishment, not a speed record, but, I know that slogging out the other 2.12 miles wouldn’t have done anything but make me even more miserable.  So…I came inside and made breakfast 🙂

I don’t think I’ve introduced you to the Keurig, it’s AMAZING.  This morning I made a white chocolate mocha using 1 cup of white hot chocolate and 1 of mocha.

Obviously I made this drink in my favorite mug and topped with a good amount of whipped cream 😀

To eat, I made a not very pretty scramble of eggs, feta, cheddar, avocado and salsa.

Delish, but not very photogenic 😉

After breakfast I went to REI with my member dividend for the year. This year was a big year for our dividend as we bought my Garmin 405 at REI this year. I was able to find my running shoes (Asics Gel 1100 series) and snagged them for only $10 after the 20% off coupon and dividend!  Score!!  They are very cool kicks, white/blue/silver and white/blue striped laces!  Love ’em.  I’ve been wearing the 1100 series for a few years now and have no desire to change…hear that Asics?  Don’t stop making my shoes!!  🙂

And then errands…I hit Costco for staples and snagged 2 Adidas dri-fit tees for $11 each!  Apres Costco I hit up Target and picked up the rest of the groceries and some organizer baskets for the fridge.  It’s so weird, but other than produce our fridge doesn’t have any drawers!  Our old apartment shelf had a lunch meat/cheese drawer and it made the fridge seem so much bigger.  I cleaned out the fridge when I got home and put one basket on the bottom shelf with lunch meat/cheese and one on the top shelf with yogurt.  We go through 10 yogurts a week, so they end up all over the fridge! Then I organized the pantry and feel so much better!  Things aren’t falling over when I open the door.  Phew!

And then it was lunch time! I used a whole wheat wrap from Costco and then added some sliced cheddar cheese and a local/all natural/no nitrate/no nitrite/uncured hot dog, wrapped it all together and grilled it on the George.  yum!!  I had some baked chips on the side with lots of ketchup and mustard for dipping.

I also had a “smooshed fruit” fruit roll up.

After lunch I cleaned the fish tank, did 2 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and living room.  It is so much easier to do chores on a Friday off since it doesn’t feel like you’re missing any bit of the weekend 😀

Chris got home around 5 and we debated what to have for dinner, we finally decided just to cook at home and I knew just what to make. Kind of. I had picked up some sweet and sour sauce at the store and went down that path.  First, I put some brown rice, frozen veggies and Better than Buillion in the rice cooker.

While the rice cooked away I got out my Paula Deen “dredging dishes” and set up a coating station.  I cubed 2 chicken breasts and dredged them in egg and plain Progresso bread crumbs then fried the cubes with a little olive oil until brown. When frying cubes like this – make sure not to over load the pan, I cooked our chicken in 3 batches so I could turn and get an even browness on all sides.

While the chicken cooked I made 2 sauces. The first was starring La Choy sweet & sour sauce. The sauce was pretty sweet so I added a dash of Tapatio to spice it up a little!

The second is an old favorite – Panda Express orange sauce and low sodium soy sauce. Mmm!

And here’s the final product!

Chris and I pretended we were in a real restaurant and shared “entrees” 🙂 We both had 1/2 sweet & sour chicken and 1/2 orange chicken.  To drink, we each had an Izze soda.  Chris had grapefruit and I had berry.  These “sodas” are great if you want a fizzy beverage without all the junk in soda. Each drink is fruit juice + sparkling water.

And now it’s sadly time to go pick up the kitchen, again, lol.  It’s never ending.  We’re taping Jamie Oliver’s show to watch later this weekend…really loving his message!

By the way, did you catch Grey’s last night?  We just watched it tonight during dinner…good, good, good!  I did want to smack the one intern who I can’t think of her name…the one making eyes at Derek.  Leave him alone, he’s married, you little tart!!

Ok bloggies, have a fabulous Friday night!


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  1. a.m. Says:

    I would love a keurig! So jealous. I love your creative lunch/dinner ideas. And, that scramble looks delish!

  2. cna training Says:

    What a great resource!

  3. divasrun Says:

    I’m excited about seeing Eclipse, too.


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