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Betty Crocker Teaser April 6, 2010

Hi Bloggies!

I promise I haven’t been neglecting you and will be back soon with a full update.  In the meantime – I wanted to share with you that all Betty Crocker Supermoist Cake and Traditional Brownie mixes are on sale right now for $0.69/package at your local Safeway family store.  This is a great deal and it seems to be the time of year in my family that birthday/BBQ and potluck season is picking up…and there are so many great things you can do with a quick and convenient boxed cake/brownie recipe (hello, remember the caramel ooey gooey brownies last month???!!!) Today is the last day to purchase your Betty Crocker products for $0.69 so make a point to stop and pick some up at your local Safeway Family Store!

Hmm…all this product talk makes it sound like there may be another Safeway/Betty Crocker/My Blog Spark giveaway in the future!  Check back soon for more details!


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