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Evening Update April 6, 2010

Hi Bloggies!

I do have food pictures today, but to be quite honest…nothing was really exciting enough to share.  I mean, it was all good- obviously 😉  I had a nacho bowl for lunch with leftover chicken/beans/rice and for dinner we had spaghetti with turkey meat sauce (and grilled sour dough…yum).  I’m watching TBL now and nursing a HEAVENLY pumpkin pie “blizzard” that I made for myself.

The pumpkin pie idea came from some awesome Boulder ice cream I picked up at Whole Foods last week, it’s been sitting in the freezer waiting just for a night like tonight!  I mixed 1/2 a cup of ice cream (softened a little in the microwave) + about a cup of almond milk + 1 whole graham cracker  + whipped cream in the blender until smoooth.  In a glass and a straw….oh yes.  Yum!!!!  It tastes almost as good as the Cold Stone pumpkin pie bowl, minus the hair that always seems to end up in my bowl when we go there (not dissing Cold Stone at all…but seriously every time we’ve gone in the last…oh, year…I’ve gotten hair in my treat!).  I love recreating restaurant dishes at home.

Have you recreated a dish at home successfully?  Maybe you tried to recreate a restaurant dish and ended up making something even more awesome?  Any big re-creation fails?

My favorite re-creation other than the blizzard tonight is definitely the chicken dish I made Friday night.  Both the sweet and sour chicken and orange chicken were perfectly seasoned and the rice turned out perfectly (my secret is using a rice cooker – even for instant rice…I just can’t get it right in a pan!).  My big fail was in college when I saw Wolfgang Puck making a layer cake filled with cherry filling and coated in a whipped cream type frosting.  I thought “if Wolfgang makes it look that easy…I can definitely do it.”  Note to self – if Wolfgang can do it, you probably cannot 😉

I baked the cake…that worked out as planned but didn’t realize you had to trim off the top of the cake (the center that rises up a little and makes the surface uneven) before layering.  So…my cake totally crumbled.  Then, mistake #2 was not letting the cake cool before layering in the cherry filling (obviously I decided to make this cake at THE last minute before my then boyfriend showed up) and the cherries oozed out all over the platter.  I crammed the cherries back into the cake (imagine a lumpy/sticky cake dome) and then covered it with whipped cream.  Um, the whipped cream turned red, obviously, from the cherry disaster.  I threw it all in the fridge and it actually ended up tasting good – but said boyfriend asked that I never again make a layer cake…the kitchen looked like a crumb-y murder scene!!

Another mega fail was ham & chutney…I’ll let Chris tell you guys about that one someday 😉

Ok bloggies, time to get back to chillaxing, I hope you all have a great day…tomorrow’s hump day – 1/2 way there!!  Check back this weekend for more info on the MyBlogSpark/Betty Crocker/Safeway giveaway!


2 Responses to “Evening Update”

  1. Jen Says:

    Speaking of Cold Stone – their “That’s How I Roll” is the BEST THING EVER!!! SO GOOD. 🙂

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