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Sleepy Birthday Princess April 10, 2010

Yes, that’s right.  I woke up this morning at 7:58 am and insisted Chris wake up as well…and then insisted he call me “Birthday Princess” all day long.  Needless to say, it didn’t catch on 😉  A girl can try 🙂

Today was a great birthday and I’m quite ready for bed now…debating 5-8 miles for tomorrow’s long run.  It’s a cut back week and I’ll wing the distance depending on the weather when I wake up 🙂  Today has been full of gluttony and I’m excited to get out there and sweat it out.  I didn’t get any pics today but we started the morning with Krispy Kreme & Starbucks and ended the day with Qdoba…mmm birthday food!  In the middle of the day we took a trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond and scored a food scale, Cuisinart Griddler and knife block all for 20% off!  Love that.  The rest of the day was spent being lazy, napping and relishing a beautiful Saturday.

Last night we went and saw Date Night.  If you haven’t seen this movie – do so, now.  It was HILARIOUS.  Seriously…all last night and today Chris and I have been throwing out random movie quotes.  Everything from “sexy robots” to “your girlfriend is so hot it’s like looking through a jet engine.”  Definitely one of the best comedies I’ve seen in a while and also a really sweet story 🙂

But now, it’s time to get cleaned up and head to bed, us old women like to go to bed early so we can rise with the birds 😉  Or something.  I know 26 isn’t old in the grand scheme of things, but something about being past my mid-20s makes me feel just a bit old…and then I remember that Chris will be the big 2-8 in a couple months and I feel like a spring chicken again, hehe.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!!


2 Responses to “Sleepy Birthday Princess”

  1. divasrun Says:

    I definitely want to see that movie. I love Tina Fey! So glad your b’day was all you hoped, Princess. 😉


  2. a.m. Says:

    Happy to hear you had a great birthday, Birthday Princess. 🙂 I’ll be 28 in a few weeks as well. I actually can’t wait till I’m 30. The 20’s were rough!

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