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Book Reviews! April 11, 2010

I had to create a whole separate post for this as I’ve been a reading machine lately…Here’s a brief recap of books over the last few weeks:

Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris:

I don’t know what it is about Charlaine Harris books, but they draw me in and won’t let go.  The Grave series is no different – the story follows Harper Connelly and her half-brother Tolliver as they travel around the country finding dead people.  The premise of the story is that as a young girl Harper was struck by lightening and it leaves her with a nasty scar and a sixth sense which allows her to “feel” the spirit/essence of dead bodies.  Creepy, right?  In Grave Sight, Harper is called to a small Ozark town to try to locate the bodies of a  young couple who went missing under mysterious circumstances.  She finds the bodies easily and then everything falls apart.  I couldn’t keep myself from turning pages to find out what was going to happen next and “whodunnit.”  This is a great quick read and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris or just wants a fun/mystery read.

Crazy Heart by Thomas Cobb:

The review on the front of this novel says that Crazy Heart doesn’t just tug at your heart strings, it breaks them…so well said, and so true.  I had to re-read the final paragraph a few times and didn’t feel sad I just felt, drained.  This is a heck of a ride and it leaves you cheering for the main character, Bad Blake, all the way to the last lines.  Thomas Cobb spun a great tale about a classic country singer trying to find love, dealing with addiction and seeing his protege become the star.  This book is really well written and I cannot wait to see the movie to compare to the book.  If the movie is 1/2 as good as the book, no wonder Jeff Bridges won an Academy Award.  One main story line in this book is Bad falling for a younger woman, and in turn falling in love with her young son…the rest, I’ll leave you to read for yourself.

Helmet for my Pillow by Robert Leckie:

When Chris and I decided to watch the Pacific on HBO and I found out that Tom Hanks/Steven Spielberg followed novels and accounts written about the battles and life in the Pacific during WWII I needed to read one of these stories.  I know, I’m a bit dorky and just need to compare movie to book to TV show.  I picked up Mr. Leckie’s book and while I don’t normally read war stories, I was impressed by his writing style and the ease with which he shared such a terrifying and heart wrenching part of his life.  The book follows Leckie from boot camp all the way through his final battle at Peleliu in the Pacific.  Many of the main characters from HBO’s miniseries are featured in the novel and I think this book is an amazing insight into the side of WWII that many people forget.  My grandpa was on Okinawa at the end of the war and reading this book, while it doesn’t touch on Okinawa, gives me some view into what he may have been through over there.  Definitely a great read for anyone who enjoys US/World history, war stories and firsthand accounts.

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler:

What…a whirlwind 😉  I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud on the light rail reading this book that I found myself snorting.  I definitely drew plenty of stares while reading the short stories in this book…this is totally different from My Horizontal Life and much closer to the short stories shared in Are you there Vodka it’s me Chelsea.  My favorite short story was about a friend’s dog who “died” and then was scattered into Santa Monica harbor.  I love Chelsea even more after reading this book 🙂  I think this book is perfect for a vacation read…just make sure you’re somewhere you can laugh out loud!

Always Looking Up – Michael J Fox:

Wow, wow, wow.  Reading this book reminds me just how thankful I should be for mine and my family’s general health.  Michael handles his Parkinson’s disease with such grace and humility that it makes me feel a little guilty for complaining about working over time and little things like that.  This book is a collection of stories about Michael’s work, family, political and religious life.  I will say that the political section was one I skimmed over – I agree about Michael’s stance on stem cell research and didn’t need to read 100+ pages to continue to agree with him.  Other than that section, I truly loved this book – I think Michael has a great writing style and I think we can all learn to be graceful under pressure and thankful for what we have if we follow in his example.

Ok…that’s what I’ve been reading in a nutshell – more to come!


2 Responses to “Book Reviews!”

  1. wow thanks for this! with taper in full force this week i totally needed more books to add to my ever growing list 🙂

  2. a.m. Says:

    I completely agree about Charliene Harris books. I just finished the 2nd in the Sookie Stackhouse series and I have to say I can tell her books are going to be my guilty pleasure. Thanks for the recommendation on the Michael J. Fox book. I’ve been looking to read that one for a while but haven’t heard too much about! I hope you continue to do these book recommendations. 🙂

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