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Wardrobe Malfunction April 12, 2010

I knew it would happen someday – pretty sure I walked around with a see through dress on!  Whooops!!  In honor of the 75 degree weather today I wore a really cute wrap dress with three quarter kimono style sleeves.  It was a white dress but had a navy/lime pattern all over, so I thought I was safe.  I seriously scrutinized myself in the mirror (and dawdled in general) this morning that I left the house 10 minutes late and was certain I was totally show-proof.  One glance in the mirror at work proved me wrong though!  Chris insists he couldn’t see through it (I asked when I got home) but…I swear I could see straight through it!  So embarrassing.  Note to self – buy and wear slip!

Flashing back to this morning I had a white mocha courtesy of the Keurig and made 2 quick microwave eggs that I didn’t have time to eat 😦  I wolfed one, but sadly – no picture.  I topped my eggs with a teeny bit of feta and salsa.  By 9 I was hungry so I knew it was going to be one of “those” days.  I dug into some white cheddar Pirate’s Booty to try to calm my gnawing tummy.

I was going to go out to lunch today with 3 co-workers for my birthday but between see-through dress and being uber-busy…it just wasn’t happening.  I made an emergency run around 11 to a small grocer downtown for a DIY salad that was highly disappointing.  I topped spinach with some diced ham, parmesan cheese, balsamic vineagreatte, carrots, craisins, mushrooms, chick peas, tomatoes and cucumber and it just tasted…off.  Booo!!!

I ended up not eating most of my salad and instead had a caramel and a small chocolate bar I picked up as back ups.  Both were SO good.  Not very filling though 😦

Work will be crazy again until about May 10th and I tried my best to keep busy today.  I hate when I’m waiting on other people to provide the support I need to do my job.  I have to have a draft out tomorrow and actually left at 5 tonight because I didn’t see the point in sitting around waiting for someone who may or may not send me the support tonight.  I am usually more productive first thing in the morning anyway – so hopefully I can get it hammered out right away before my 10am meeting 🙂  It’s so hard to get back into the deadline grind after just coming off the year-end filing time line/audits a week ago.  At least I have vacation to look forward to 🙂  Sooo excited about that!

Around 4 I snacked on a handful of homemade trail mix – unsalted peanuts/cashews/almonds with raisins, m&ms and mixed chocolate chips – and a handful of grapes:

When I got home tonight Chris had made the sauce and cooked the chicken for dinner, so all I had to do was heat and roll the tortillas and put it all in the oven.  We had chicken enchilada casserole which is A+ comfort food in our house.  The recipe involves canned soup, Rotel tomatoes, sour cream and a few secret ingredients.  Super yummy and quick!  On the side we had leftover veggie rice from last night to which I added a can of kidney beans.

And now, it’s time to pick up the kitchen and I keep walking past the bananas in the kitchen thinking “banana split, need banana split.”  I just happen to have..um…5 pints of ice cream in the freezer, so I suppose we should get to work on them!  What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Right now, I’m addicted to the Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter cup flavor with the Boulder ice cream pumpkin flavor coming in a close second!

And – who’s excited for GLEE to come back on tomorrow night? The DVR will be burning up in our house since it comes on at the same time as Lost!!!


2 Responses to “Wardrobe Malfunction”

  1. whoopsies about the seethrough outfit! oh well, nice weather practically necessitates it haha

    bummer about the work stuff too. i hate having to wait on others. i’m so on top of my game that it really is aggravating to be forced to wait in finishing!

  2. divasrun Says:

    I dislike slips and pantyhose, but they have their moments when they come in handy.

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