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A repeat, again? April 15, 2010

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Grey’s is a repeat this week…again.  Booooo!!!  They had  better be taking this time off to make some fantastic May episodes.  Is May another “sweeps” month?  At least Glee was a new episode this week and did not disappoint.  Best line of the week?  “You know dolphins are just gay sharks, right?”  This line spurred me to have a really random dream last night – Chris was a cross between himself and Vampire Bill from True Blood and I looked like Nicole Kidman.  All the people in the world died (except us and some random bad guys) so Chris, being part vampire was really hungry – so we swam about 100 miles out into the ocean so he could feast on a gay mer-shark.  Then, the gay-mer shark cast a spell on us just as he was being devoured by my vamp-husband and then we were later attacked by lawn gnomes (who looked like the little mermaid)…so weird.  And all started by a little line on a TV show (and maybe the lack of oxygen making it to my brain from this darned cold thing I’ve got going on).

I’m feeling better this evening but my voice is in/out, we shall see how tomorrow goes.  I have to be at work to get a draft out, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be happy about it/be fully functional.  I’m actually contemplating putting a sign up on my white board asking people to email me because it hurts so much to talk…

Chris and I had a light dinner of paninis (duplicates of the ones we made this weekend), grapes/peaches/apples and salads.  yummy and springy!  Now I’m catching up on blog reading and contemplating bed while Chris plays some video games (boys ;)).

I’m having a weird night, I have been feeling really introspective lately as we’ve discussed the game plan for the next few years of our lives and sometimes I wish that maybe we weren’t as successful as we are.  We’ve definitely had our hiccups since graduating in 2005/2006 and were brokey mcbrokerson’s when we moved in together for about the first year or so, but we put our nose’s to the grindstone, paid off all debt we had (minus student loans and our one car payment – but we’re 1/2 way done paying off our loans and pay extra on our car each month) but by all accounts, we’re doing really well and are very established compared to other people our age.  No, we don’t have a house or a child but we have good credit, good jobs and a full savings account.  I don’t mean to toot our own horn as we’re by no means “rich” or ‘perfect” – far from it definitely, we’ve just really, really focused on making good choices the last couple years to get to a lifestyle where we don’t really have to worry.  But, therein lies a problem.  We both have dreams, but at this point in our lives it’s hard to distinguish if a dream is worth giving up the lifestyle we’ve worked so hard to attain.  Part of me wishes we could throw caution to the wind and jump on the dream train to see where it takes us.  The other part of me, the louder and more rational part, says that we have worked very hard to get where we are – maybe we aren’t in 100% over the moon love with our current careers but we like what we do for the most part, we like the people we work with, and we are comfortable enough to be able to do what we want outside of work.  I guess it comes down to – are we more concerned with being happy the 40-50 (+) hours a week we’re at work or the hours that we’re at home/traveling/living the rest of our lives?  I am having a very hard time answering this question because the rational side of me keeps pointing out what we’d lose to make a drastic change (sadly, thoughts of having to purchase individualized health care being one of the biggest worries)…so for now, no major changes.  What would you do bloggies?  I know we all follow very different paths post college – some people want kids right away, some want to travel the world before settling down, some people love their chosen career and some bounce from place to place.  Which do you think is most important – being happy at work, or doing something that pays the bills so you can be happy in your life outside of work?  If you had to choose between happiness and money/stability, what would you choose? Growing up – I always said I would choose happiness, but when it comes right down to it, I think it’s very hard to walk away from the stability because of the potentially risky situation it could put Chris and I in (think medical bills, scrimping to pay rent, etc).

I really look forward to your responses because this is a set of questions causing me some pretty intense mental turmoil.  I will point out that Chris and I are happy at our current jobs – they are challenging, we both have some great co-workers and both enjoy the freedom/stability our jobs provide (we can both essentially take time off when we want, self-manage our day-to-day activities to some degree and even set our own hours to some degree).   Just with turning 26 last week, I feel like it’s time to really start planning where we’re going as I’d hate for us to wake up one day 5-10 years down the road and regret a path we didn’t try, you know?

Ok, that was deep….so I’ll fluff it up a little and leave you with some delicious eye candy.  True Blood is returning in just under 2 months…cannot wait!  Have a great Friday bloggies!  ❤ you all!!


One Response to “A repeat, again?”

  1. divasrun Says:

    Hmmm, that IS a quandary. One I’ve been in. I guess it depends on where you are in life. I’m in the place of work my arse off for not a lot of money but other huge benefits in order to get where I want to go financially and otherwise. I’ve gone from being available and able to do as much volunteering as I could and spending time with friends and staying connected to now working so much that I barely have time to get my schoolwork and housework and volunteer work in.

    When I tried finding work doing what I did before last year b/c of the money and the fact that I wouldn’t have to use my brain too much on “easy” stuff I knew already, that was a dead-end and for good reason.

    I believe there will always be sacrifices, no matter how you look at what you choose. Perhaps if you invest wisely what you have now at a job where you make that money, you can relax and pursue a dream whenever you want to change paths.

    Bottom line, nothing comes easy and you’ll have to make choices and sacrifice different things at different times in your life.

    Proud of you both for being so financially responsible. Hold onto that for as long as you can.


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