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Ramen Noodles April 22, 2010

That’s right.  I said it.  On a food blog!  I had Ramen noodles for dinner.  You may now revoke my food blogger license 😉

Before we get to that…let’s rewind back, way back to waking up at 4:45 this morning.  I actually woke up at 4:30 and noticed the alarm clock was flashing “12:00” thank goodness for cell phone back up alarms!  We got up at 4:45 (Chris leaves for work at 5…poor guy) and I went out for a 4 mile run.  After my run I was looking forward to a Luna recovery shake but I must have tossed them all…I couldn’t remember if they had expired/were about to expire.  Instead, I had a cup of Nesquick.

I made it out the door by 6:30 to catch my train and grabbed a Caramel Macchiato and scone when I got to the office:

I also heated up a cup of overnight oats I brought from home.  This is a packet of instant oats (I know, I’m breaking all the blog rules today) with mini chocolate chips, almond butter, milk, craisins and raisins mixed in.  This was a REALLY good bowl of oats.  Mmm!

Work was uneventful today, long…but uneventful.  I went out for a quick walk at lunch time and couldn’t resist picking up a sandwich at Heidi’s.  I got a BLT with Avocado on fresh baked sour dough.  Sooooo good.  Really, this may be my new favorite Heidi’s sandwich.

On the side I had some chips from home and a simply fruit roll up  – sweetened with fruit juice instead of sugar 🙂

And then…back to work!  I think working in an office and being there 9-10 hours a day makes me one of the most boring bloggers ever.  What can you do, gotta make the $$ 😉 I finally made it out of the office a little before 6 and walked through the rain to the train and made it home around 7.  Chris had leftover skillet lasagna for dinner and I just couldn’t do it…we’ve been eating leftovers all week and I’m just over them.  So, I went crazy and made a packet of Ramen for dinner.  Oh yes, I’m that bad…

On the side I had 2 homemade rolls topped with butter and on one roll I had grape jelly and the other role had Krofter’s Super Fruit.

There may or may not have been some cake and ice cream action post dinner.  May or may not 😉

Oh!  I finished One for the Money on the light rail tonight, can’t wait to read the second book!  I really enjoyed the story and think this will be a fun/slightly trashy series to get caught up in.  Perfect summer reading.

I think that I’ll start this bad boy tomorrow:

Ok bloggies – I’m going to get lunches made for tomorrow and head to bed one more early morning til the weekend!  I have the quarterly Disclosure Committee meeting tomorrow morning, wish me luck!  I hope you all have a great Friday!


2 Responses to “Ramen Noodles”

  1. that looks like book i’d like. can’t wait to see what you think of it!

  2. Tricia Says:

    hey, I saw a comment on Mel’s blog saying you were looking for a 26.2 necklace.

    I’m hosting a running jewelry giveaway right now, come check it out!

    Hope youre enjoying your weekend.

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