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The Red Button May 29, 2010

Morning bloggies!  I hope day 1 of the first long weekend of the summer is treating you well.  My weekend is going wonderfully so far!

Last night, the office closed at 3pm to let everyone get a head start on the weekend and beat traffic (fun factoid courtesy of Chris…more people percentage wise are in the mountains this weekend than staying in Denver/the suburbs) and Chris was an amazing hubby and picked me up on his way home (well, totally out of his way, really) and we made a detour to check out this awesome little grocery store that just opened up a few months ago.  The next time I go back I’m going to have to take my camera and show the store to you guys, it’s adorable!  A very simple store with produce, dairy, meat and canned goods all from within 250 miles of the store.  Chris and I swooped in and bought a dozen eggs (“from honestly happy hens”), a 1/2 gallon of milk, a 2 pound pork loin roast, a pound of uncured bacon, a jar of pickles, 2 big tubs of yogurt and a really cute reusable bag.  The cashier was telling us she’d actually picked up the pork earlier in the week from the farmer, they met 1/2 way between the store and the farm and moved the pork from one car to another.  Love that!  They also have a raw milk co-op pick up area.  It’s illegal to “sell”  unpasteurized milk, but if you buy a share in the cow, you’re technically just drinking milk straight from your own livestock, which isn’t illegal 😉  The store also had local bread, local flour, etc.  Their motto is “if it’s not from here, it’s not here” and I love it!  I watched a show about the 100 mile challenge last year and was really inspired and cannot wait to utilize this shop a little more to eat what’s in season and local!

After picking up farm fresh goodies, neither of us felt like going out to eat so when we got home Chris fired up the grill and I started dicing veggies.  First, I cut up a handful of these cute little “fingerling” potatoes we got from our veggie box:

I washed them, cut out the eyes and diced them up into little cubes.  The cubes went into a bowl with olive oil, a diced clove of garlic, some diced chives, salt and pepper.  (I seem to have deleted or didn’t take a picture of this step…hmm) I also diced up 1/2 a carrot and added some corn I had frozen last year, mixed it all up and then made a foil packet which Chris tossed on the grill.

Chris then set to work on making patties of the local, organic, grass fed (:D) hamburger we picked up in our veggie box, we turned 1 pound of meat into 4 patties and grilled them all up (hello leftovers!!).  While the burgers were grilling I made a couple mega-salads for us.  Mine, in the front has lettuce mix (lettuce, cabbage, carrots, radish, etc) leftover from last week’s grocery run, extra carrots,feta, candied walnuts, croutons, tomatoes, craisins and olives.  Chris’ salad in the back has everything but the craisins/tomatoes/olives.  Chris’ salad got topped with Newman’s Own balsamic while I chose Newman’s Own olive oil dressing.

I grilled some ciabatta rolls I’d bought (and froze) last week.  I topped each half with butter and Emeril’s Essence then grilled in a non-stick pan with my cast iron sandwich press on top.

I somehow managed to catch a potholder on fire not once but twice while grilling the buns, but we won’t go into that…

Finally, it was time for dinner.  I assembled my burger with a grilled roll, a burger cut in half (the rolls were really wide and our burgers were not), a slice of swiss, some tomato (from our veggie box) and some grilled onions (a last minute after thought).

I topped it all off with some Billy Gomer’s BBQ sauce (a local Denver based sauce company) and added some grilled veggies on the side.

This was the perfect summer time meal.  The meat was amazing, the last hamburger I had was in SF last year at In-and-Out and I was holding out for a really good burger (both because we couldn’t find grass fed beef we were confident about eating and because my IBS does NOT like me eating red meat in general), and this was that burger.  The meat was so marbled and just melted in your mouth.  It didn’t dry out on the grill even though we cooked them to pretty much well done (whoops) and amazingly, 16 hours later, my tummy is still happy with me!  The grilled veggies had the perfect amount of char on them to be crunchy yet tender and the seasoning on them was just enough without overpowering them.  And the salads…mmmm!  Summer to me is all about multi-colored, cold, crisp salads full of different flavors and textures, and this salad didn’t disappoint.

After dinner we watched Mall Cops (a new show about Mall of America mall cops on TLC) and then had an impromptu Blizzard run, we both forgot our cameras, so no picture.  We spent the rest of the evening on the porch watching the bunnies running around the grass and then watched a documentary on HBO about the section of Arlington National Cemetery for soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan.  No matter where you stand on the war, watching that film which had no narrative and just let people who were at their child/spouse/friend’s grave talk will make your heart break for those families.  It was deep and tough to watch and I definitely broke down in tears at one point while a mom was talking about her son who turned 19 in the Middle East and then was killed.

And then, because we’re just that cool, we went to bed at 9:45 on a Friday night.  Yep, you wish you rolled like that 😉

This morning I got up at 7:45 to head out for a 6 mile run while Chris got his oil changed.  First, I had a piece of toast + almond butter + jelly for pre-run fuel.

I filled up my fuel belt and was off.  About 1.5 miles in I realized I was too dehydrated, it was too sunny/etc to work out the full 6.  Considering I hadn’t run in a week and a half, it was almost 80 out already and it was my first “real” summer time run, I listened to my body and turned around at 2 miles.  We actually had snow a few weeks ago and it takes a few weeks to ease into the 70-80+ degree weather in the mornings 🙂 Around mile 2.59 I decided to walk.  My head hurt, I had already pounded almost 16 ounces of gatorade and almost 8 ounces of water, and I just didn’t want to run anymore.  So, I pushed the red button and walked-it-home.  What is the red button you ask?  Chris and I love this show which is based around 9 contestants who live in an octagonal cube blocked off from civilization, time, sunlight, etc for an undisclosed amount of time.  Their only “contact” with anyone is Val, the computer who runs the game.  This is such an interesting show because it tests not only people’s resolve to win through crazy physical and mental tasks, but it also shows just how much we rely on people around us (and also proves the theory that kidnapping victims bond to their captor as throughout the show the players become more and more reliant on Val and say they love her/etc). I highly suggest streaming an episode or 10 on Hulu 🙂  Anyway…throughout the show, the players hit the green button every time they finish a challenge, or randomly when Val asks if they are sure they want to go on.  If they fail a challenge or quit, they have to hit the red button to be released from their cube.

Since I’m a big geek, I think of this show a lot on harder runs, or just days when I don’t feel like finishing.  I have to decide for myself if it’s worth it to “push the red button” and call Chris to come pick me up/walk home, or if I can dig deep enough to “push the green button” and keep going.  Just like on the show, when I’m in the middle of a run, it’s just me there to make the decision, sure, I could call Chris and ask his opinion (like the contestants ask Val what to do) but he’s not in my brain/body, so it’s just his $0.02. So, this morning, I thought about it and realized that walking home 1.79 miles was not a problem, I was still getting in almost 4 miles of mileage today, and I wasn’t risking going too deep into dehydration/etc to ruin the rest of my day. This doesn’t happen often, I remember 3 times during marathon training last year that I “pushed the red button.”  The first was when I was running 18 miles and ended up walking the last 5-7 miles home.  That was the day I almost quit training for the marathon, but Chris talked me into going for my 20M long run the next week, and taking my phone with me in case I needed to abandon the route for the day.  I really can’t remember why I needed to bail out the 2nd time, but the third time was the week before the marathon and it was 20 some degrees outside (in October) and my dri-fit fleece was actually freezing as the temperature dropped.  The next week at the marathon when it was 85ish degrees an hour or so in (gotta love Colorado weather, if you don’t like it, stick around, it’ll change in an hour) I had my phone with me and texted Chris when it got really, really hard and I thought I wouldn’t make it and he said all the right things so I could keep pushing the green button and make it to the finish line.

What do you do when the going gets tough?  Do you have a mantra, a favorite song, someone you talk to, etc?  I think that we all have some sort of mantra no matter if it’s a hard day at work, a yoga pose that feels like it’s going to break you, or a long-hard run.

and with that bloggies, I gotta get ready to go!  We scored 62% off hot stone massage coupons a few weeks ago and are cashing them in today…wooo!!!  I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!


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