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Checking in June 1, 2010

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Hi Bloggies!  I have a ton of errands today…my to do list looks like this:

  • Run 4 Miles
  • Shower
  • Finish last loads of Laundry
  • Fold Laundry
  • Clean bathrooms and kitchen
  • Drop off sunglasses for new lenses
  • Haircut
  • Drop off rent check
  • Potentially look for some new vacation clothes if time permits

So far I’ve crossed one item off my list and am just a little shaken up after it.  I was crossing a school parking lot (the edge of it…on the sidewalk) and this guy looked like he was waving me across.  I nearly stepped off the curb and am so glad I didn’t because a second later I realized he wasn’t waving me across but instead was waving his arms around dancing in the car then proceeded to cover his eyes with his hands and slam on the brakes.  His car ended up completely past the crosswalk with the nose of his car out in the street.  Um, there were kids on bikes/kids walking around, etc all around.  So dangerous! His reaction to seeing me next to his car?  Rolled down the window, called me a dumb bitch and said it was no big deal and I should have just gone around!!  I was so completely livid and aghast that instead of doing the smart thing and getting his license plate # and reporting him, I called him an asshole and broke down into tears.  And then walked for a few blocks to get myself back together.   😦  So, today’s run is done, 4.06 miles in 46:43.  Not fast,  but did include nearly being turned into a hoge-cake and walking a few blocks.

And now, I’m cooled off, training log is filled out and it’s time to tackle the rest of my to do list.  Have a great Tuesday bloggies!!  Normal blogging will resume this evening.


2 Responses to “Checking in”

  1. triathena Says:

    I’m getting a haircut today too!!! 🙂 And what a jackass… you were NEXT TO his car, not in front of it! Douchebag. Sheesh!

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