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No need to adjust your eyes… June 2, 2010

…some of today’s pictures are just plain fuzzy.  This is an evil trick against those of us who actually do see double from time to time (remind me sometime to tell you about my eye doctor and Chris having a good laugh about how well my brain can trick itself into thinking I’m seeing things perfectly….oh the joys of genetics!) but really, it’s just that we got new phones a while back with fancy cameras on them and I’m having a heck of a time getting mine to focus appropriately since I have to MASH the button down to take the picture.  It’s a work in progress 😉

Today was back to the grind at work and really I spent most of my day waiting for a third party company to return my emails…I am NOT a good waiter.  I also slept through my run this morning and it’s on tap to make up on Friday.  Chris tried to wake me up when he got up for work at 5:10 but I just wasn’t having it.  And thus, I slept til the last minute and missed my train.  Like, walk up to the door and they lock missed it.  Ugh!  I waited 15 minutes for the next train and with all my waiting/train riding time today managed to finish Skinny Bitch.  Book review coming soon!  In short, it was a lot of detail I’d already read/heard through Food Inc, etc and in general I just don’t like when people rule out whole categories of food saying they’ll “make you fat.”  Anywhoo….

When I got to work I was all set to eat 1/2 of this container of Noosa yogurt (local CO made and delish) but something about it seeemed “off.”  Sure enough, I opened it and it was totally curdled and a “warm milk” smell wafted out.  Gag!!!

I ended up eating a slice of zucchini bread and an apple from our veggie box instead.  Not the most filling breakfast, but zucchini bread is growing on me!  I need to take some almond butter or something tomorrow as it was just missing something today.

Mid-morning I snacked on an unpictured granola bar from yesterday’s batch.  The chocolate + coconut was a hit!  I really wish I had an exciting job to chat about but most of what I do is a) confidential until it’s posted to the website/SEC quarterly and b) some of it’s just plain boring.  I’m an accountant, what can I say.

So, after a couple more hours of counting beans working on the current audit, I broke into my lunch.  I brought leftovers from last night – a hot dog sliced into some Annie’s mac & cheese, some broccoli which I steamed and some baked beans.  This was a really, really yummy lunch.  I love bringing leftovers, something about a hot lunch just always makes me feel full and happy 🙂

In case you’re wondering, our hot dogs are natural, local and nitrate/nitrite free.  And good.  I used to eat cold Oscar Meyer weiners as a kid….*shudder.*  These are light years ahead in flavor and quality 🙂  I’m really, really picky about hot dogs (just ask Chris) except for at baseball games, then I’ll take a Rocky dog (a Denver original) with mustard, ketchup, relish and onions, please 🙂

And then, more work ensued.  While working, I nibbled on some berries from the veggie box.  We’re trying to finish up last week’s box as we get another delivery tomorrow!

Around 2 I broke out some carrots, cucumbers and dip…the dip was really, really not good.  It was “bleu cheese” but tasted mysteriously like watery ranch.  Blech.  You win some, you lose some.  I ended up eating all of my cuc’s and about 1/2 of my carrots.

And then, around 4, the craving hit.  You know, that craving.  Where you NEED something salty (or sweet, or chocolatey, or chewy, or some combo of the above).  I drank some water, I chewed a piece of gum, and I realized that if I didn’t have something mega-salty, STAT, I was going to go ballistic or chew my arm off.  So, I hightailed it to the convenience store in the basement of my building and talked myself into some corn nuts.  I know, *gasp* they’re so bad but sometimes they’re the only thing that will do!  I ate about 1/4 of the bag and gave the rest to Chris when I got home, so as not to devour the whole bag.

What is your go to snack when you need a salty fix? I need ideas of what to stock at home! Ritz crackers are good, but I have to remember to have them with me…my snack supply in my desk is worn really thin after 6 months straight overtime.

And then, some more work ensued, another train ride, and finally I was home 🙂 The salty theme continued at dinner where Chris and I made bacon and egg sandwiches.  Chris did most of the cooking tonight as I loathe cooking bacon, I hate getting splattered!  My sandwich was heavenly and had a 2 slices of bacon, 100 calorie pack of guacamole, some mayo, 2 slices of sunflower wheat bread (still loving that it has no preservatives and no sugar – Go Sam’s Club!!), a slice of swiss, 2 pieces of lettuce, and a sliced Roma tomato. Sooooo good.  Melt in your mouth yummy.  We made a ton of bacon (from the 250-mile grocery store) and plan to eat some more tomorrow night (I see French toast in the plans!!).

I decided nothing sounded good with my sandwich except a whole mess of blueberries:

After dinner I had a Reese’s Klondike bar.  Sinfully good!

I promised a winner tonight, and thanks to Random.org, the winner of the $25 Sam’s gift card and box of Nature Valley Granola Bars is Joanne from Apple Crumbles.  Joanne has a great blog and you should all check it out!!  Joanne, please send me your complete mailing address and phone number to hogeruns@gmail.com and I’ll pass it along to My Blog Spark so they can put your prize pack in the mail!!

And now, it’s time to pack lunches for tomorrow, set my running clothes were I can see them at 4:50am, and veg out for the rest of the evening.  Only 2 more days til the weekend bloggies!!!


9 Responses to “No need to adjust your eyes…”

  1. Joanne Says:

    Hey! I won. Thanks. 🙂

    My go to snack are wheat free pretzels. For some reason, I feel good about eating them. Probably fooling myself but I eat so many nuts that the pretzels make a great carbohydrate change.

    • hogeruns Says:

      Yes, congrats!! Just shoot me an email with your complete mailing address and phone number and your package will get shipped off shortly!! My Blog Spark coordinates all the shipping 🙂

  2. Rachel Palmieri Says:

    PopChips are my new favorite salty snack….you can get them at Target and Whole Foods as far as I know. They have all sorts of flavors (the salt & pepper are REALLY peppery so beware) and they are super “healthy”…I can eat like 22 of them for 3 Weight Watcher points!

  3. Great eats! I’ll have to look for those hot dogs! I’ve had those Klondike bars before, awesome but SOOOOOO high in calories!

  4. Lniemtsc Says:

    My salty snack are the peanut butter stuffed pretzel “pillows” from Costco. They come in a GIANT container so I have to portion them out into little baggies or else I’ll eat way too many!

  5. biz319 Says:

    I love Cheez-Its. There, I said it! I cannot be trusted with Cheez-Its in my house, or Trader Joe’s sesame pretzel nuggets – both are like crack!

    Sorry you missed your train – amazingly in the many years I took the train to downtown Chicago, I never missed one! I’ve been close, but not once!

    Hope you get your run in tomorrow – you can do it!

  6. divasrun Says:

    Chips and guac are my go-to salty fix. And when did Klondikes and Reeses get married?!?!

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