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Sunday night blues June 6, 2010

I’ve got ’em something fierce.  It’s not that I “dislike” my job, I just prefer to be at home 🙂  Weekends when we have a ton going on just feel like they fly by much too quickly and all of a sudden they’re over, you know?  Friday night we threw together dinner BBQ pizzas on flat out wraps.  Chris’ pizza had pulled pork which I’d made in the crock pot and mine had onions (sauteed in A1…mmmm) and tomatoes.  Both were topped with cheddar, a parm/asiago mix and lots and lots of BBQ sauce.  With a sprinkle of spicy ranch when they came out of the oven for that extra something.

On the side we had corn on the cob:

And one of these, since were going to spend the better part of the weekend with the in-laws 😉

After dinner (and catching up on SYTYCD) we headed over to Chris’ parents’ house to label all our garage sale wares and play with this little munchkin:

We were over there til 9pm and I really can’t remember what I did to stay up til 11 (read?  TV?  really, I’m spacing).  5am came way too early on Saturday but I needed to knock out my long run before hitting the garage sale.  I ran 6.24 miles in about 69 minutes, speed showered and we picked up Krispy Kreme on the way to C’s parents (I told you – donuts = weekend tradition!).  We got all the garage sale stuff out on the driveway and waited.  I realized that the garage sale “business” just isn’t as hoppin’ as it was when I was young.  I remember going to garage sales with my parents in the summer and them being PACKED.  We probably had 10-15 people stop by in the 7 hours we were “open” on Saturday 😦  Some neighbors said in the “old days” the community garage sale had 30-40 houses participating, but this year was less than 20.  I suppose more people are selling things on Craigslist/E Bay now?  We took a break around noon and I had an unpictured bean and cheese burrito at Illegal Pete’s (at this point I was seriously falling asleep and forgot my camera in the car).  After lunch, C and I spent a little more time with our favorite niece until calling it quits around 2.

The sun was super bright and she thought C’s sunglasses were the coolest thing 😉

After a day in the sun I was sporting one sunburned shoulder and one unburned shoulder and crashed out for a nap as soon as we got home.  I actually fell asleep on the floor in the den talking with Chris and then moved to the bedroom with carpet imprints all along my sunburned side.  Ouch!  A few hours later I was slightly more lucid and we ran to Best Buy where I picked up season 2 of True Blood on blu-ray for $39!  Not bad, not bad!!  we tried to think of something fun and exciting to do but C was hungry and I was just plain tuckered out.  We settled on coming home and watching a movie.  First, dinner.  C had another BBQ pork pizza and I made some quick spring rolls.  My rolls contained rice noodles, cucumber, avocado and carrot.  I made a quick peanut dipping sauce with rice vinegar, PB, Sirachi and hot water.

On the side, we split some vegetarian baked beans.  They taste just like regular baked beans, without that darn bacon chunk floating around 🙂

After dinner we rented this movie from “on demand.”


It was pretty good!  I was a little disappointed at the ending, I hate when movies just “end” and don’t tell you what happens next.  It was really gory and had some really creepy moments and Ethan Hawke was pretty easy on the eyes as well 😉

This morning I picked up groceries (hopefully enough to get us through til vacation!!) and we had a repeat of Friday’s dinner for lunch – but today my pizza had onions, tomatoes and mushrooms 😉  We also added a little feta to our pizzas…because fetta makes it betta 😛

And then, it was nap time again.  I was shocked when Chris agreed to take a nap with me, he’s normally anti-nap on the weekends but I think our busy Friday night/Saturday caught up with him.  We’re exciting on Sundays, I know 🙂

When we woke up there was some unpictured Corona action (just one) and then I set to work on dinner.  I made a pot of rice with carrot/corn mixed in and cooked up some chicken tenders from WF for Chris.  I sauteed broccoli, carrots, onion, red pepper, orange pepper and celery in a separate pan for me.  Once our toppings were cooked I heated them up in the microwave with our sauce of choice – teriyaki garlic for Chris and orange Panda Express sauce for me (the Panda Express “at home” sauce…they have it at Costco!).  I also grilled some pineapple – mine went in my bowl with all my other yumminess.

And since then it’s been typical Sunday night “do your own thing until another TV show comes on that we both like.”  Thankfully, True Blood comes back next week!!  We watched a little of the MTV Video Awards – Sandra Bullock looked amazing and really played the night to her favor I think.  C was beside himself when she and Scarlett Johansen kissed!

After our dinners had settled I went to work on a blog favorite – banana soft serve! This has been all over the blog world for months (a year??) now and I am just getting on the band wagon.  Earlier this week I threw 2 bananas in the freezer (peels removed, wrapped in plastic wrap) and pulled them out tonight along with my food processor.  This recipe is so easy it’s ridiculous.

Step 1 – put banana chunks in food processor:

Step 2 – whip the dickens out of it:

Step 3 – eat!

This was so good and I was shocked at how much the texture is like ice cream.  I’m already dreaming up new combos – maybe adding some berries?  A little almond butter?  Chocolate?  The possibilities are endless with a healthy and delish base!  Chris couldn’t believe it was just banana.  No  milk, no ice, no sugar. I did panic 1/2 way through and think it wasn’t working.  Just keep whipping! I actually ended up taking 1/2 of the banana back out and working in small batches, adding a little bit in after each blend.  All of a sudden it took on a whole new texture/consistency and ice cream was made!  This will definitely be a frequent blog guest 🙂

And now, it’s 9:30 and time for us grandmas to go to bed, I hope you all have a GREAT Monday!


3 Responses to “Sunday night blues”

  1. Veronica M Says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t get more peeps at the garage sale! I think they do better around here but it’s been two years since I last had one so maybe it’s not as busy now. I’ve been wanting to try that banana ice cream but I keep forgetting about it! I have some bananas right now, which is rare, so as soon as one ripens, I’ll have to try it. Sounds so good!

  2. divasrun Says:

    I’ve got Monday morning blues! =P

  3. biz319 Says:

    I am a garage sale whore – I would have stopped by if you lived closer!!

    All your eats look good – maybe peanut butter and mini chocolate chips with your banana cream??

    I feel your pain in the sunburn – I am in the “gross looking peel” stage and it’s been 8 days since my burn!

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