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T Minus 3 days! June 15, 2010

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Hi Bloggies –

Sorry I’ve been so sporadic about posting, there were a lot of “reasons” – C’s birthday, a cold front this weekend, a crazy bad headache last night…but really, I just needed a break.  Sometimes the blog feels more like a job instead of a hobby and when that happens I have to take a step back and remember I’m writing for myself and for my reader’s enjoyment…not to win the Pulitzer 😉

I’ll be popping in and out this week, I’m scrambling at work to get everything ready to go before we leave for vacation Friday morning, trying to finish packing and help C keep the apartment clean after my mondo-cleaning session last week 🙂

Have a great week!

By the way…did anyone see True Blood on Sunday….thoughts??  And the Glee finale last week…thoughts??


3 Responses to “T Minus 3 days!”

  1. Um, True Blood = AMAZING! It is just the perfect summer show: smutty, funny, fast-moving, crazy. Also, Eric naked didn’t hurt.

    I would KILL for a cold wave here. It’s like heat index of 100 degrees every day in Nashville. Icky.

  2. biz319 Says:

    So close to vacation!!

    I still have yet to see the final episode of Glee – right now I think I have about 10 hours on the DVR that is all BizTV, so hopefully I’ll catch up this weekend.

    Have fun! Blog when you want, we’ll be here when you get back! 😀

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