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Eclipse Review and a thought provoking question July 6, 2010

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As requested by DIVAs Run – I’ll fill you all in on Eclipse!

I personally loved it.  It didn’t feel too long or too short and I think they hit the main details from the book.  The boys were hot as usual and Kristin was just awkward enough 🙂  I have to admit I wanted to clap at the end of the movie along with the pre-teens in the theater but restrained myself.  I think that a lot of the bad reviews are coming from people who expect a lot more than is really feasible.  It’s a movie with young actors based on a YA fiction novel.  It’s not going to win an academy award people!  You don’t go see the Twilight/Harry Potter movies because you want to see amazing acting, you go because you want your favorite books brought to life and I really think the Twilight movies have done just that so far.  I really cannot wait to see how they wrap up the series with the 2 Breaking Dawn movies, apparently filming will be done in March of 2011!

On a side note, the Twilight movies bring up a great discussion topic which I heard on the radio Friday.  How do you feel about the double standard in America right now that women in their 30s, 40s, 50s are hooting and hollering over Taylor Lautner (who I believe is 17 or 18 years old) at all the Twilight movies/premieres and the media is saying it’s cute a phenomenon, etc…but if a man were to be hooting/hollering say over Taylor Swift (similar age group) it’s called being a predator/pervert.  I personally think it’s a little crazy that anyone gets upset about hooting/hollering over movie stars/singers because there’s a 99.9% chance you will never be up close and personal with that person to cross the line from crush/object of lusty thoughts to actually doing something wrong, you know?  Even if you see Taylor Swift in concert, you are behind a fence with tons of people.  I personally think that if we’re going to call adult men looking at teen/20 something girls with lusty thoughts, all of us ladies who swoon at TL taking off his shirt are in the same boat.  Agree/disagree??


2 Responses to “Eclipse Review and a thought provoking question”

  1. I saw Eclipse. I did not like it. But, I kind of hate the books (well, at least the first one) so I knew what I was getting myself into. I only saw it because I was curious. I will say that I enjoyed it more than New Moon, which I DETESTED. The flashback sequences were my favorite.

    As for the double standard issue, I don’t know. I hadn’t heard the media calling that a “cute” phenomenon. I think it just fits in with the whole stupid “cougar” thing that’s happened in the media the last few years and that’s why the press is running with it. I will say I think it’s a little gross, but not too much. Alas, I cannot throw stones because I embarassingly thought Zac Efron was a total cutie before he turned 18. I am gross. I know. (At least he’s legal now and I’m a little less disgusting!)

  2. divasrun Says:

    Hmm, I’d never thought about it like that. I mean, yeah TL is HAWT, but I prefer to swoon over guys of age. Just in case. LOL

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