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Just Sayin’ July 8, 2010

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I’m going to turn into a refried bean…I had a brilliant idea to mix 2 cans of store-bought vegetarian beans with the last bag of homemade refried beans (super easy crockpot recipe) that we had in the freezer + salsa…and that ended up making a TON of beans.  We used some in enchilada casserole Monday but that barely was a dent in the bean-berg (hehe, iceberg, bean-berg, get it? ;)) so I made some bean burritos to bring for lunch this week, they are “mini-sized” so I have 2 today.  I had 2 on Tuesday…we had bean burritos for dinner last night.  I hate seeing them go to waste but really, I need a bean break!!

What did you have for lunch today? Are you a leftover eater or not? I am, to an extent…after a few meals I get bored and want something new.  C can eat the same thing every meal every day and not care, but his dad won’t eat leftovers, ever, after eating them so much as a kid!


6 Responses to “Just Sayin’”

  1. biz319 Says:

    I love leftovers – my husband can’t stand them. About the only thing that he will eat leftover is cold meatloaf – on a sandwich with ketchup on white bread.

    I think I kinda threw up in my mouth a little when writing that last sentence – ick!

    My daughter picked me up for lunch today! I had a cup of tomato soup and 1/2 a turkey sandwich – perfect amount. I am full, but not stuffed 😀

  2. Jessica Says:

    We are totally leftover eaters here. Doug and I both hate taking sandwiches for lunch. So I always plan our meals for the week to have one or two that will have leftovers. This week we had leftovers from grilling out and some soup I made in the crock pot last week. Some of them do get old after awhile, especially if they last more than two or three lunches. The soup was four, luckily now its gone!

  3. divasrun Says:

    Oh, yes, I’m ok with leftovers. I had carrots with hummus, cheese and artichoke spread with a half bagel. I like appetizer foods for lunch. =)

  4. Veronica M Says:

    Guess what I just finished making? A pot of crockpot refried beans! I make probably one every week or two. I’m obsessed. I still haven’t gotten sick of them after two months…or has it been more? You can also make tostadas with them–we alternate between that and burritos. So to answer your question, that would be YES totally cool with leftovers. As long as it’s not the same exact thing every single day. I love that refried beans are adaptable to different meals. You can also make nachos with them & dip.

  5. DMCGirl Says:

    I had mexican food!!! So much it made me … not feel well!
    Back to healthy habits tomorrow,
    Love your Blog!

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