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September, Already? September 7, 2010

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Can you guys believe it’s September…post Labor Day?  I truly can’t, before we know it it will be time to put up Halloween decorations!

I’ve been MIA and am still trying to figure out the best direction for the blog.  Sharing my daily eats is fun, but feels like something’s missing!  As you all know, I work ridiculous hours in a cyclical fashion so we don’t get out much during the week and weekends are spent playing catch up on chores/workouts/cooking/etc – so sometimes I feel like the blog’s a bit dull compared to others!  I’m hoping to get back into the blogging rhythm and share eats, workouts, crafts, and books – things I really enjoy, and I hope you guys do too 🙂  Bear (bare?) with me as I figure out the right blogging rhythm for me, and hopefully we’ll share some fun posts along the way!

To steal from Alliewhat was your highlight and lowlight of the long weekend?

My highlight was spending 5 days of QT with Chris, babysitting our niece for a full day and buying a deep freeze to alleviate some of my food storage stress.  The lowlight was not being able to sleep last night after my body adjusted to a long-weekend stay up late/sleep in schedule 🙂


2 Responses to “September, Already?”

  1. bear vs bare always gets me. i think it’s bear though.

    highlight: trip to NH aka racing, apple picking, mini-golf and drinking. woot.

    lowlight: the extreme hangover the entire day on monday. ouch

  2. divasrun Says:

    Lowlight – 2 hospital visits back to back. Sad.

    Highlight – Lots and lots of sleep.

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