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My Dream House August 11, 2010

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Ooo, I've been thinking a lot about this question lately, actually. I randomly looked at real estate in Key West and fell in love with a 600 square foot house in "old town" (near the Southernmost Point). It's very classic "beachy" house, simple, with a big front porch and a little yard. I would LOVE to take a leap of faith and move down there, start a bakery or work in a tourist shop until we figured out our next move and snatch up that little piece of paradise. There would obviously be fruit trees in the yard, since you can't grow them in CO, it just sounds exotic to me to go out and pick a lime off the tree 🙂 Inside, it would be very simple and we'd spend our spare time fixing up the house in a Carribean/beach theme with dark woods, ceiling fans and gauzy curtains. We'd probably be on the verge of poverty between quitting our jobs, moving across the country and buying a house that's almost 100% dilapidated, so weekends would be spent on the beach collecting shells for decor, and I'd obviously have to learn how to sew by hand to make all of our sheets/curtains/etc.

Ok, I've actually put way, way too much thought into this and now my day is going to be overrun day dreaming about a future home purchase 😉 What is your dream house, where, and why?

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My Weirdest Pet Peeve August 10, 2010

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Hands down, repeating myself. I HATE it. I really, really don't think I have a super quiet voice or that I mumble, but it never ceases to amaze me how many times I'm asked to repeat myself…the worst was on the light rail going home from work late one night and I happened to leave my badge and light rail pass (on the same key holder) on my desk at work. The light rail attendant was older and apparently hard of hearing as he was yelling at the top of his lungs that I was now a "known offender" in the light rail system and that the next time I was caught without my pass I'd be fined and removed from the train. This was of course after he'd had me repeat my name, address and phone number at the top of my own lungs…I'm really glad there weren't any stalkers on the train that night 😉

Oooo, and now that I think about it, I also HATE people reading outloud. If you want me to read it, give it to me, and I'll read it! Or, if I give you a card, please just read it quietly to yourself, things that sound great on paper, sound horrible when you read them! Funny that I don't mind reading things to people…unless they ask me to repeat myself 😛

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When the Lights Go Out

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The last time we were without power for an extended period of time was in the 2nd apartment my husband and I lived in (at the time, we were engaged…or maybe not even engaged yet, now that I think of it). I had a crock pot of minestrone going all day and made it home just in time for the power to go out. And stay out…for probably 4-6 hours! I was so glad I'd made soup in the crockpot, and we used the hot soup to thaw our French bread we had as a side dish. After dinner, we played card games and Mad Libs by candlelight until bed time. Scandalous, I know 😉

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What Keeps Me Up at Night

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Um, yeah. Hands down, one of two things. The girl from the Ring crawling out from under my bed/out of the TV, or thinking about the movie The Strangers. I haven't seen the movie, but I have had countless dreams/lie awake sessions thinking about creepers breaking into our house and torturing us! Usually, in my nightmares, they're dressed like police officers.

When I was little, my fear was the boogeyman! Not the actual, scary boogeyman, but the clearly costumed "Mr. Boogety" from the Disney Channel Halloween special.

What about you? Nighttime fears – from childhood and now?

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How I Feel About Swear Words, Goshdarnit

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This is such a toughie! I definitely let loose with swear words, and I'm definitely not lacking in vocabulary. Sometimes, a curse word is all that seems to fit! At work/around family/in more formal settings, I obviously keep it to myself and we've even developed some catch phrases at work – Ferc, Frac, Flux and Fluster Cluck. That's right…the first 2 are oil/gas terms, the 3rd is an accounting term and the last is well…just funny. There are some words we do NOT use in our house, but if you ever come over and need to drop an F-bomb…go for it 🙂

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Just Sayin’ July 8, 2010

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I’m going to turn into a refried bean…I had a brilliant idea to mix 2 cans of store-bought vegetarian beans with the last bag of homemade refried beans (super easy crockpot recipe) that we had in the freezer + salsa…and that ended up making a TON of beans.  We used some in enchilada casserole Monday but that barely was a dent in the bean-berg (hehe, iceberg, bean-berg, get it? ;)) so I made some bean burritos to bring for lunch this week, they are “mini-sized” so I have 2 today.  I had 2 on Tuesday…we had bean burritos for dinner last night.  I hate seeing them go to waste but really, I need a bean break!!

What did you have for lunch today? Are you a leftover eater or not? I am, to an extent…after a few meals I get bored and want something new.  C can eat the same thing every meal every day and not care, but his dad won’t eat leftovers, ever, after eating them so much as a kid!


That Special Book in My Life

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What book can I not put down and read over and over?  The Great Gatsby! I definitely read this book at least once a year, I love the story, the drama and the characters.

What is a book that you love to read over and over?  Or, if you’re not a book person, what is your go to movie? Mine movie wise are the Notebook and You’ve Got Mail…I’ll stop what I’m doing and watch both when I catch them on TV!