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*Le Sigh* September 8, 2010


The above “zzz” are me pretending to sleep, it was NOT a peaceful night at the Hoge Runs house last night.  It’s been super quiet/peaceful/friendly/relaxing at our apartment complex for the last 6 months (can you believe it’s been 6 months since we moved in??) but last night, ugh. To start with, I get random bouts of insomnia which just plain stink to begin with.  Last night C was quietly watching an unnamed cartoon with his headphones on and the light from the TV was driving me bonkers.  If it wasn’t for the insomnia bout it would have been cool, so I waited an hour to ask him to turn it off start sighing and tossing/turning loudly. And then, around 11, the noise started.  We apparently have new neighbors across the courtyard from us and they were SO freaking loud!  They were playing random music – everything from techno to Jay Z to Colbie Calliat, had all their lights on, were sitting on the porch smoking/drinking/taking FB pictures (“oh my gosh, this pic is so hottttttt”) and finally at midnight we called the “Courtesy Patrol.”  They’re essentially the mall cops of our apartment complex and sometime around 1 the neighbors either gave up on their mini-party (there were only 2 of them, so weird) or the rent-a-cops asked them to shut it down.

And then, I was awake til almost 2.  Blech!!!  And wouldn’t ya know, I woke up again at 5:30??  Does anyone have any tricks for dealing with insomnia?  I get a random patch of 3-4 days every month or so and absolutely hate it.

A few fun eats from yesterday, as I’m barely hanging on mentally today and can’t carry on much witty banter 😉

BBQ cheeseburger meatloaf for lunch:

This was leftover from Monday night and so.freaking.good.  It was the crunchy corner piece and all the BBQ sauce had caramelized on the edges and was loaded with flavor.  I hadn’t made this meatloaf forever, and hadn’t made it with hamburger for even longer than that, but grass fed hamburger was on sale at Whole Foods this weekend and I couldn’t resist.  The meatloaf contains 3 kinds of BBQ sauce (since we were running low and needed to finish the bottles), Paula Deen’s Butt Massage seasoning (hehehehehehehe), cubed sharp cheddar, bread crumbs, an egg, and bacon.  The bacon truly takes it to another level…mmmm!  Expect to see more leftovers later this week!

Along with my meatloaf I had a spinach, bleu cheese, tomato, carrot, celery, craisin, and candied walnut salad.  For those of you who bring salads for lunch – do you have a way to make the spinach not get slimy by lunch time?  I pack my salad the night before and it’s perfectly dry and crisp (I bring dressing in a separate container) and by the time lunch rolls around my spinach is wilted and kind of creepy.  Suggestions??

And my afternoon snack was a pretty cup of lemon yogurt topped with fresh raspberries, perfection!  I don’t know why I haven’t tried this combo before.

Dinner last night was chicken enchiladas – you’ve seen ’em before, you’ll see ’em again, so I’ll spare you a picture 🙂  Post-dinner I worked on a throw for the couch (pics to come soon as it gets a little bigger, right now it’s kind of like a sad scarf), and we caught up on this week’s episode of The Glades and The Colony.  September is such a crazy TV month – True Blood finale, Dexter premiere, Glee premiere, Grey’s Anatomy premiere, Lone Star premiere, and on and on.  What fall TV show are you most excited to see back?

And with that…have a wonderful day bloggies!  I’m now going to go see about getting a coffee IV set up 😛


You Know What Wednesday Is, Right? July 7, 2010

…Hump Day!!

Oh Will Schuster, I swoon over you and your cheesy lines.  I miss Glee and demand that season 2 start immediately….I’m waiting!!!

I will have to pass the time with True Blood, Hung and come fall – Dexter!

I hope you all are having a good hump day 😉  I started my day off with a cool and crisp 3.01 miles.  We’re having a cold front this week and it was drizzly and 53 degrees when I headed out.  It’s only supposed to be in the mid-70s the rest of the week!  What a nice break from 90s…ick! Remind me of this in the dead of winter when I’m complaining about how cold it is…thanks 🙂

I kicked up a bunch of drama on Facebook yesterday mentioning that I was already looking into our next vacation.  Someone even went so far as to say I need a new job and then I wouldn’t want to be on vacation.  Um, I would always, 100% rather be doing something outside of work, especially traveling, than be at work!  I really have no idea when/where/if we’ll end up taking a 2nd trip this year, but we figure with double-income, no kids and no house…we may as well try to live it up!  We are thinking of taking a short-ish trip over Christmas or Thanksgiving…we want our next big trip to be somewhere in Canada but I’ve been to Canada during the winter for work and don’t think that’s the best idea for a fun vacation.  So the hunt continues 🙂 We like to pay “cash” for our vacations so we start planning 4-8 months in advance and put a little extra into our savings account every week up til the trip so by the time we go our plane tickets/hotel are paid in full and we have a really good budget for eating out/shopping/etc.

What type of traveler are you?  Are you a planner, a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants person, or a mixture?

Back to work – have a great day bloggies!

P.S. Any guesses on what amazing dance Alex will perform tonight on SYTYCD?  He has my bet to win it all…he seems unstoppable!


Golden Globes January 17, 2010

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Is anyone else watching the Golden Globes?  I cannot believe Mad Men beat out Dexter AND True Blood for Best Drama…apparently the Hollywood Foreign Press is obsessed with Mad Men (per my darling husband’s research, Chris was a film major in college, so I trust him blindly in this category) and as long as they’re in the category they’ll win.

Did you see Anna Paquin tonight?  She looked adorable!  And Michael C Hall – didn’t realize he had cancer, but per a quick review of the internet it’s currently in remission.  Fingers crossed for him.


Happy Hump Day! December 16, 2009

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Hi Bloggies, how I’ve missed you!!  I’ve been a horrible blogger the last week, we ate out a bunch (at least we stuck to no red meat…but pretty much every other dietary rule I try to follow I broke, at least once, lol) last week/weekend when we were first moving in with the IL’s and all weekend was spent chucking/washing our stuff.  And, we have another “fun” weekend of chucking and packing this weekend – when we toss our furniture and move what we’re going to keep to storage.  I haven’t blogged the last couple days because I just feel really adrift, just like no one around me understands what we’re going through for various reasons…and I don’t like to dwell on it through the blog because I’m afraid I sound whiny.

So, instead of talking about all that – I’ll tell you about running!  I had a major minor breakdown in Target this weekend when I realized that I can’t run at 4:30 in the morning like I’m used to because a) I’d wake up the whole neighborhood opening the garage door (not sure why, but my IL’s only use the front door on special occassions and b) it’s really dark and cold out at 4:30am.  Chris was able to talk me down before I started sobbing hysterically and we decided I should try to get my runs in at work on my lunch hour.  This is stressful as very few people here take an actual lunch hour – but I’m determined to take one at least 2x a week.  My maintenance plan is kind of going in the garbage and I’ll just focus on getting 3-5 miles a day 3 days a week (2x during the work week and the 3rd day either on a work day or Saturday) and focus on getting my long runs back up to a comfortable 10 miles by early January.  Just a bump in the road 🙂

Yesterday felt so good to get out and run!  I ran about 5 miles on Sunday and it was windy and cold, but yesterday at lunch it was breezy and almost 50!  I need to pay attention to which streets have 5/6 way stoplights and avoid them as I spent nearly 10 minutes yesterday waiting for lights to change, so I only got in 2.71 miles.  Today I’m going on a busier street and hoping that the lights will work in my favor and get closer to 4 miles in.  I brought my Garmin (405) with me to the office, seriously such a good investment…I’m glad Chris talked me into it last year!!

Catching up from last week/this weekend.  What did you all think of the Glee and Dexter finales?!?!?  My $.02 – Glee – LOVED it and cannot wait for next season!!  The end was so romantic and sweet and I really just feel happy after watching that show.  And then…there was Dexter.  I’m still super torn on the outcome, yes, it was an awesome twist in the story…but I just don’t see how the writers can keep Dexter as the “loveable serial killer” after this turn of events.  I’m interested to see how it plays out, but apprehensive that this could have been a wrong turn for the series.  Thoughts??


That’s what I call a pizza! November 29, 2009

I wish I could say that today was full of something exciting – shopping, traveling, watching a new movie…but, no, it was full of…studying. I got in 3 hours and 45 minutes of study time…and my brain is only 3/4 of the way melted 🙂  I broke up my study time with a couple 1 hour breaks and a 2 hour nap.

For breakfast this morning I had a packet of high fiber Quaker oats with a banana, raisins, a drizzle of honey and a dollop of crunchy almond butter.  I over-estimated my milk so it was a little like hot cereal, but still good!

Chris made a really yummy lunch of fried egg and bacon sandwiches, I topped mine with a little gouda and cherub tomatoes.  On the side I had a generous handful of Baked Ruffles.

I didn’t hang these after lunch…but I did hang them this weekend, so it’s a good segue to the rest of my day 🙂  We aren’t putting up a Christmas tree this year since we’re feeling cramped in the apartment, but I did put up a number of our favorite decorations.

My Bearfoots Angels:

The penguin diffuser:

The big snowman candle holder:

Snowmen on a sled:

And our 2009 ornament which we picked up at the Christmas store on Black Friday:

Dinner tonight was a special treat for Chris since he’s being such a great husband and putting up with all my study stress/psychosis – BBQ chicken pizza!  He loves to get this when we go out for pizza, but most places put onion on it…which he doesn’t like.  So I tried it myself!

First, I coated a pack of organic chicken thighs in a mixture of Famous Dave’s, Emeril’s and Stubb’s chicken seasonings and baked in a glass dish for about an hour, until they all were at 165 degrees internal temperature. I forgot to prep the dough, so I cheated and used 2 packets of Betty Crocker dough, with a little honey mixed in (don’t you love the honey wheat pizza crust??).

I topped the dough with a mixture of Famous Dave’s and Stubb’s BBQ sauce and a little honey + a mixture of gouda, cheddar and mozarella cheese + the baked chicken.

The end result was beautiful, and delish!  We ended up eating the entire pizza…which we haven’t done in a very long time 🙂

We also had salad on the side – mine had greens, 1/2 a cucumber, tomatoes and kalamata olives plus a little parmesan cheese and homemade Italian dressing (from a mix, yes, but I did add my own water, vinegar and oil!).  Chris had the same salad, minus the tomatoes and olives.

After dinner we watched Dexter, holy plot twists!!  I cannot wait for the last 2 episodes and the “final twist” that they were hinting at in the teaser for next week.  Then…while blogging I got sucked into Californication.  I don’t “follow” the show, but Sunday night I always find myself watching…even when I have other things to do!  It’s just so addicting!

Now I need to fold laundry…depressing that we have to go back to work tomorrow, it was so nice having some quiet time at home with Chris.  At least we only have 3 whole weeks til Christmas, then I’ll be out of the office for a full 11 days relaxing before year-end and studying. Do you have plans for Christmas/Hanukkah?  Will you be traveling or staying close to home?  We will be celebrating with Chris’ family the week before Christmas, with his extended family on Christmas Eve and then by ourselves on Christmas Day.

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend, can you believe tomorrow’s the last day of December already??




Sundae on Sunday November 22, 2009

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Hello bloggies!  I hope you all had a great weekend and aren’t dreading Monday too much – it’s a short week!!  I will be working Monday and Tuesday and then have Wednesday through Friday off…yay 5 day weekend and only using 1 vacation day!

Today was lazy, I spent most of the day resting my tummy and sciatica on the couch and watched a LOT of TV.  There are some good cooking shows on Fitness TV when everyone else is showing junk! Then this evening was Dexter, of course.  Totally didn’t see this evening’s twist coming!!!

This morning Chris made breakfast and I totally wolfed it before photographing 😦  He cooked up some bacon, hashbrowns and eggs and we made breakfast burritos. I washed mine down with an Amazing Meal shake made with the pom-mango flavor and OJ.  They were really, really good and just perfect for a lazy Sunday.  “Lunch” was a string cheese, a few turkey pepperonis and a sea-salt caramel granola bite (we ate breakfast pretty late).  Dinner tonight was roasted chicken, peas, salad and cheddar mashed potatoes.  The chicken was rubbed with a mixture of olive oil, melted butter, Famous Dave’s Rib Rub and Emeril’s Essence and cooked over a bath of chicken  broth and water in the oven at 450 for about an hour.  Before baking I shook some more dry seasoning onto the bird.  I think it turned out very pretty…but, the computer ate the picture so I can’t show you 😦

The potatoes were boiled for about 20 minutes and then mashed with a dollop of light sour cream, a dash of heavy cream and a little shredded cheddar cheese.  The peas were boiled with a little butter and that’s it 🙂

Here is a picture of said beautiful chicken all chopped up .

My salad was romaine, cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, some croutons, a little parmesan cheese and homemade Italian dressing (well…the mix was from the store, but I did add oil/vinegar and shake!).

For dessert I baked up some boxed Ghirardelli brownies and made a “sundae” with brownie (that I wasn’t patient enough to let cool…so it wasn’t exactly brownie shaped) topped with a big spoonful of peanut butter (all natural creamy) and whipped cream.  I had a glass of milk on the side as well.

And now it’s time for my least favorite Sunday activity.  Folding laundry.  Ick, ick, ick, *insert gagging noise* ick, ick ick!!

Have a wonderful night!


What a weekend… November 15, 2009

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The weekend is winding down.  Dexter is on in one hour, and I’ve spent the majority of the day in bed.  Yesterday was “interesting” to say the least as it ended with me in the hospital!!  I spent about 3 hours in the ER last night being monitored, poked for blood and given fluids.  I won’t go into details since they’re a little intense/embarassing for the blogosphere, but I will be seeing my GI doctor this week and will most likely be having another colonoscopy this week or next week.  Ick!!  I had my first colonoscopy in 2006 and am really not looking forward to going under the “Scope” again, but it’s always better to know what’s going on!!

The good news is that I’m actually feeling really well, the bad news is I’ll have to use some vacation time for the procedure since I used my last sick day last week and that I won’t be running until probably next weekend at the soonest.  But, that’s OK, health is the #1 priority – right?

After the weekend’s excitement I’ve been terrible about photographing my eats, or really doing anything worth blogging about.  So, I plan to check in again tomorrow morning!


Have a great night bloggies!