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A New Friday Tradition September 10, 2010

I have a cranberry orange scone and mega-iced coffee in hand…counting down the hours til the weekend! I have a lot of busy work to get done today and am hoping to head out around 4:30…cannot wait!  This weekend will be busy:

  • Hit up Costco for a mega-grocery stock up
  • Go running for the first time in over a week (I’m not digging the pre-work darkness + there’s a massive, horrible fire raging up the mountain from us and air quality is really poor, please keep the people affected by the Four Mile Canyon fire in your thoughts, the last count I saw was 169+ homes lost to the fire).
  • Try to keep up the daily yoga action
  • Start working on getting the apartment as clean/organized as possible before busy season #3 for the year hits in October
  • And finally…search all the TJ Maxx’s I can find.  I fell in love with a Calvin Klein red wool/cashmere pea coat earlier this week and the TJ Maxx downtown didn’t’ have my size.  Boo.  I must have this coat.  I looked online and found it for $130…folks, it was only $79 at TJ’s!  Don’t worry, it WILL be mine 😉

Grocery shopping will be much easier this mega-shop as we just purchased a deep freeze (not a big one, just a little guy) last weekend.  It was $170 at Home Depot – but we had 2 gift cards + a safety incentive from work, so we walked away with a really nice freezer for about $65!  Love that 🙂  We’re also using the “nanny plan” for dinners.  We stumbled across the Food Nanny on the BYU TV channel and while the nanny herself is a little over the top – the plan is a really, really good idea.  Essentially, you plan out your meals for two weeks using a theme system.  Our theme system is going to be as follows:

Sunday – Comfort Food (i.e. meatloaf, biscuits and gravy, beef stroganoff, pot pies, etc)

Monday – Ethnic (i.e. enchiladas, egg rolls, curry, etc)

Tuesday – Italian (self-explanatory, lol)

Wednesday – Pizza (not just run of the mill pizzas, we’re categorizing pizza as anything on a flat piece of dough and baked, hehe)

Thursday – Leftovers

Friday – Eat Out

Saturday – Easy/Leftovers/Do-Your-Own-Thing (i.e. eat whatever’s in the house to get a clean jump on the next week)

I really like this as it takes the guess work out of what’s for dinner for the next two weeks, lays out a clear plan of what you need a the grocery store and also with the theme nights – helps provide inspiration for different meals, so you don’t eat the same stuff every week.  I’m going to take all my 2 week menus after we use them and file them in a three ring binder – then, we can recycle old menus over time.  I also really, really like that there’s only full-fledged cooking 4 nights a week, with 2 of those nights being pretty easy (pizza/Italian) to prepare.  Week 1 went pretty good, we did break down and pick up taco bell for dinner one night – but we’re going to blame the crazy neighbors on that (in other news, crazy neighbors seemed to have realized there’s a bar in the complex and went there last night instead of partying on their porch!!)

Since it’s Friday, and that’s something to be happy about in and of itself, let’s start a new happy Friday tradition! A local radio station does something once a week or so called “Tell Me Something Good” and I’m going to steal their idea.  So, tell me one thing you plan to do this weekend and one good thing – it could be something good you heard on the news, a great piece in your outfit, or just that it’s a beautiful day and you’re happy to be living it!  I feel like there’s so much negativity going on right now and even just a little bit of brightness is going to start our Friday (and thus our weekend!!) off right.

Plans for the weekend – True Blood season finale…need I say more??

Something good – Today I’m wearing my favorite gold sandals and I’ve accomplished everything on my to-do list for the week!