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*Le Sigh* September 8, 2010


The above “zzz” are me pretending to sleep, it was NOT a peaceful night at the Hoge Runs house last night.  It’s been super quiet/peaceful/friendly/relaxing at our apartment complex for the last 6 months (can you believe it’s been 6 months since we moved in??) but last night, ugh. To start with, I get random bouts of insomnia which just plain stink to begin with.  Last night C was quietly watching an unnamed cartoon with his headphones on and the light from the TV was driving me bonkers.  If it wasn’t for the insomnia bout it would have been cool, so I waited an hour to ask him to turn it off start sighing and tossing/turning loudly. And then, around 11, the noise started.  We apparently have new neighbors across the courtyard from us and they were SO freaking loud!  They were playing random music – everything from techno to Jay Z to Colbie Calliat, had all their lights on, were sitting on the porch smoking/drinking/taking FB pictures (“oh my gosh, this pic is so hottttttt”) and finally at midnight we called the “Courtesy Patrol.”  They’re essentially the mall cops of our apartment complex and sometime around 1 the neighbors either gave up on their mini-party (there were only 2 of them, so weird) or the rent-a-cops asked them to shut it down.

And then, I was awake til almost 2.  Blech!!!  And wouldn’t ya know, I woke up again at 5:30??  Does anyone have any tricks for dealing with insomnia?  I get a random patch of 3-4 days every month or so and absolutely hate it.

A few fun eats from yesterday, as I’m barely hanging on mentally today and can’t carry on much witty banter 😉

BBQ cheeseburger meatloaf for lunch:

This was leftover from Monday night and so.freaking.good.  It was the crunchy corner piece and all the BBQ sauce had caramelized on the edges and was loaded with flavor.  I hadn’t made this meatloaf forever, and hadn’t made it with hamburger for even longer than that, but grass fed hamburger was on sale at Whole Foods this weekend and I couldn’t resist.  The meatloaf contains 3 kinds of BBQ sauce (since we were running low and needed to finish the bottles), Paula Deen’s Butt Massage seasoning (hehehehehehehe), cubed sharp cheddar, bread crumbs, an egg, and bacon.  The bacon truly takes it to another level…mmmm!  Expect to see more leftovers later this week!

Along with my meatloaf I had a spinach, bleu cheese, tomato, carrot, celery, craisin, and candied walnut salad.  For those of you who bring salads for lunch – do you have a way to make the spinach not get slimy by lunch time?  I pack my salad the night before and it’s perfectly dry and crisp (I bring dressing in a separate container) and by the time lunch rolls around my spinach is wilted and kind of creepy.  Suggestions??

And my afternoon snack was a pretty cup of lemon yogurt topped with fresh raspberries, perfection!  I don’t know why I haven’t tried this combo before.

Dinner last night was chicken enchiladas – you’ve seen ’em before, you’ll see ’em again, so I’ll spare you a picture 🙂  Post-dinner I worked on a throw for the couch (pics to come soon as it gets a little bigger, right now it’s kind of like a sad scarf), and we caught up on this week’s episode of The Glades and The Colony.  September is such a crazy TV month – True Blood finale, Dexter premiere, Glee premiere, Grey’s Anatomy premiere, Lone Star premiere, and on and on.  What fall TV show are you most excited to see back?

And with that…have a wonderful day bloggies!  I’m now going to go see about getting a coffee IV set up 😛


You Know What Wednesday Is, Right? July 7, 2010

…Hump Day!!

Oh Will Schuster, I swoon over you and your cheesy lines.  I miss Glee and demand that season 2 start immediately….I’m waiting!!!

I will have to pass the time with True Blood, Hung and come fall – Dexter!

I hope you all are having a good hump day 😉  I started my day off with a cool and crisp 3.01 miles.  We’re having a cold front this week and it was drizzly and 53 degrees when I headed out.  It’s only supposed to be in the mid-70s the rest of the week!  What a nice break from 90s…ick! Remind me of this in the dead of winter when I’m complaining about how cold it is…thanks 🙂

I kicked up a bunch of drama on Facebook yesterday mentioning that I was already looking into our next vacation.  Someone even went so far as to say I need a new job and then I wouldn’t want to be on vacation.  Um, I would always, 100% rather be doing something outside of work, especially traveling, than be at work!  I really have no idea when/where/if we’ll end up taking a 2nd trip this year, but we figure with double-income, no kids and no house…we may as well try to live it up!  We are thinking of taking a short-ish trip over Christmas or Thanksgiving…we want our next big trip to be somewhere in Canada but I’ve been to Canada during the winter for work and don’t think that’s the best idea for a fun vacation.  So the hunt continues 🙂 We like to pay “cash” for our vacations so we start planning 4-8 months in advance and put a little extra into our savings account every week up til the trip so by the time we go our plane tickets/hotel are paid in full and we have a really good budget for eating out/shopping/etc.

What type of traveler are you?  Are you a planner, a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants person, or a mixture?

Back to work – have a great day bloggies!

P.S. Any guesses on what amazing dance Alex will perform tonight on SYTYCD?  He has my bet to win it all…he seems unstoppable!


T Minus 3 days! June 15, 2010

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Hi Bloggies –

Sorry I’ve been so sporadic about posting, there were a lot of “reasons” – C’s birthday, a cold front this weekend, a crazy bad headache last night…but really, I just needed a break.  Sometimes the blog feels more like a job instead of a hobby and when that happens I have to take a step back and remember I’m writing for myself and for my reader’s enjoyment…not to win the Pulitzer 😉

I’ll be popping in and out this week, I’m scrambling at work to get everything ready to go before we leave for vacation Friday morning, trying to finish packing and help C keep the apartment clean after my mondo-cleaning session last week 🙂

Have a great week!

By the way…did anyone see True Blood on Sunday….thoughts??  And the Glee finale last week…thoughts??


Back to the grind June 1, 2010

Tomorrow is back to the grind, at least a 3 day week is easy to push through!

I realized cleaning out my camera I’m wayyy behind on sharing eats with you guys, so let’s go back, way, way back to Sunday night.  Chris and I went for a 3.3 mile walk on a trail near our apartment complex and came home ravenous.  We were going to make chicken nachos for dinner and realized we had nothing to go on them except chicken, cheese and beans, so we hit the grocery store to pick up a can of Rotel (to go in the rice we were having with our nachos) and some guacamole.  We left with…all this.

Yeah…don’t walk through the ice cream aisle at Wal-Mart on one of the first hot-hot days of summer when you’re hungry.  Whoops!  We did manage to find Rotel and guacamole, isn’t this the best idea?

100 calorie packs of Wholly Guacamole!  This is perfect for when I want guac but Chris doesn’t, a package is a really hefty serving too:

And then, we set to work.  While cooking the chicken I had a glass of Tazo Passion Tea, I’m so addicted to this stuff.  I am not a huge “traditional” iced tea drinker but am falling more in love with flavored teas as I work to break my Starbucks habit.

I cooked a few chicken tenders from Whole Foods in a little olive oil, drained and then boiled with some taco seasoning and water:

While the chicken was cooking a way I started a pot of rice in the rice cooker – plain rice which I doctored up with Rotel, Better than Buillion and taco seasoning.

The rice cooker is the only way I cook rice now…otherwise it ends up crispy or mushy.  I just throw it all in the cooker and don’t touch it again til we’re almost ready to eat.  Works like a charm!

And then, I called in the big guns.  Chris is a world class nacho maker.  I loooove his nachos and refuse to make them on my own now because his are so good.  Maybe it’s just him cooking for me??

He has a technique of laying out individual chips on a foil lined cookie sheet and then dropping little bits of all the toppings into each chip.  We have been using Baked Tostitos Scoops for nachos lately.

Each chip got a little chicken, some homemade refried beans (made and froze a few weeks ago), and cheese then they went under the broiler for a few minutes until hot and bubbly.  Once they came out of the broiler Chris doctored them up a little more with sour cream, guacamole (2 of the mini-packs) and salsa.  He has a great trick using a ziploc for even topping distribution.

And, voila – the finished and yummy product!

On the side we each had a little rice and a few berries from our veggie box.

After dinner I also had an unpictured Drumstick ice cream cone.  The fudge filled is good, but nowhere near as good as the caramel which we don’t buy since we just fight over who gets the last one 😉 Sunday night we had great plans to watch a movie and it just didn’t happen…we looked at the clock and all of a sudden it was 8:45 and that’s way too late to start a movie in this retirement home 😛 Funny that on a 4 day weekend I still went to bed at the normal 9-10pm time…boring!

Monday morning we slept in til 9:30 and hit a few Memorial Day sales, for breakfast, I made us a quick ham and cheese omlette and some honey wheat pancakes to which I added banana and chocolate chips.

Here is a closeup of my pancakes, doused in maple goodness.

The rest of Monday was pretty uneventful, we finally unpacked all the boxes from our move in February and sorted out what should be kept, tossed and sold at a garage sale in Chris’ parents’ neighborhood this weekend.  We’re hoping to make enough at the garage sale to buy a couple Wal-Mart special bikes for the summer 🙂  There are too many bike paths around here not to go riding! I also did some “gardening” on Monday.  I have 5 plants right now and they all needed a little attention.  First, I re-potted my orchids:

Then, I pruned my mini-bonsai and left him outside to get some sun on the porch…he’s been having a rough go of it lately and I thought spending some time outside with his “tree brothers” might inspire him to actual retain some water instead of just drying out like we live in the desert.

I re-tied my bamboo as it was tilting like crazy.  It is growing like a weed!  When I first bought it there were no shoots and it was really quite sad looking.

I also planted a mini-unpictured mixed herb garden…pictures to come if it sprouts!

We took a break for lunch and I made us “sandwich-dillas” with two whole wheat tortillas, mayo (for me, gag Miracle Whip for Chris), mustard and apples for me.  I grilled them on our Griddler until hot and yummy.

And then it was back to cleaning.  We boxed up 4 “tubs” of stuff for the garage sale!  I kept thinking that in 3 weekends we’ll be on a plane heading to vacation, yay!!!  That’s great motivation to keep the apartment clean and picked up, I hate coming home to a messy house.

We cleaned and sorted straight through til dinner time.  Chris had a grass fed steak from our veggie box to grill and I had a turkey burger as I know too much beef, no matter how high quality and happy, is bad for my IBS.  While we grilled we had a couple Mike’s Hard Raspberry Lemonades.  These are dangerously good, case in point would be one night last summer I accidentally drank 5 in one sitting!  They taste just like raspberry lemonade and are only available in the summer months.

To make my burger more exciting I grilled some onions with a little butter and A1 steak sauce.  I poured the onions, some extra A1 and sliced tomatoes over my burger with a slice of swiss cheese.  It turned out really good and I ate it with a fork as we were out of buns. On the side we had fresh corn on the cob and some potatoes we inherited when we moved out of Chris’ parents’ house in February.  They were not good (kind of slimey/mushy) so I stuck with my burger and corn.

Chris’ plate looked much the same, minus the burger, add a melt-in-your-mouth steak.

And then, sadly, Chris’ weekend was over.  I woke up this morning to an empty house which was crummy…it feels so empty to be home alone after having someone here all weekend!  I had a mega to-do list which I shared with you guys this morning and I managed to cross it all off the list!  First up was a 4 mile run which was a little sketchy at the end.  Look twice for runners people!!!  Then I came home, showered, and had a filling breakfast of 1 egg + 1 white, a little shredded cheese, a slice of ham and 2 slices of sunflower wheat bread.

Post picture I topped my sandwich with some salsa 🙂 I didn’t realize it, but this bread which we bought from Sam’s Club (I’m going to leave the giveaway open until 5pm tomorrow!!) was made with agave nectar instead of sugar and has only 50 calories per slice.  It is so dense and chewy you would never guess!  Great find for sure.

Then I hit the showers and made a glass of iced peppermint tea to ward off any Starbucks cravings while I was running errands.  This tea smells really intense but I’ve found it to be really light and refreshing!  I keep a small box in my desk at work for my afternoon sweet attack and now have a box at home as well.

First up was a hair cut.  I went from shoulder length to chin length and added some layers as my hair’s a wavy hot mess in the summer 🙂

Next up was the eye doctor where I had to drop off an old pair of sunglasses to get new lenses.  Thank goodness for vision insurance, the regular price for lenses – just lenses – was $355!!!  I have a REALLY messed up left eye and have all sorts of funky stuff (like a prism) to make me see appropriately out of that side.  I ended up only paying $177 out of pocket which isn’t “awesome” but is better than squinting!

Then I hit the mall and found a cute skirt/top combo at the Gap as well as Eddie Bauer and picked up 2 new shirts for Chris at EB as well.  He has a heck of a time finding shirts that fit as he’s a tall skinny string bean but EB has lots of “tall” selections.

And by that time it was 1 and time to eat!  I threw together a quick bowl of leftover rice, a sprinkle of cheese, spicy ranch, guacamole and salsa which I ate with chips.  Light, quick and good!  The mix of flavors reminded me of the 7 layer burrito at Taco Bell.

after lunch I got to work making zucchini bread, we received 2 big zucchinis in our veggie box this week and I knew we needed to use them up as we’re getting another delivery Thursday.  I followed a recipe from Betty Crocker’s Best of Baking Cookbook that was really simple – throw all the ingredients in a bowl, stir, put in pans and bake!  50 minutes later I had 2 steaming loaves of bread.  One has glazed walnuts and raisins and the other is “plain.”

It smelled so good I couldn’t help but take a sample before I photographed.  Mmmm, I like zucchini bread!

I also made a batch of granola bars while the bread was baking.  As promised – here’s a quick tutorial!

#1 – Mix 1 cup of peanut butter and 1 cup of honey in a non-stick sauce pan over medium-low heat (I used organic smooth PB and local honey)

#2 – heat honey/PB mixture until warm and smooth.

#3 – add in 3 cups of quick oats and stir until just combined, you do NOT want to cook the oats or you’ll end up with a mushy bar.

#4 – prepare a small sheet pan with your choice of “crunchy” topping.  Last time, I used honey roasted peanuts.  Today I used 60% cacao dark chocolate chips.

#5 – Pour warm oatmeal/honey/PB mix onto pan and spread out.  I like to get my hands wet with a little cool water to prevent sticking.

#6 – Once the granola mix is spread out, you can either call them good or add another topping, today I chose to add some shredded coconut.

#7 – Refrigerate until set then slice into individual bars and wrap in plastic wrap or Ziplocs.

These bars are shelf stable, but if you make with organic PB which requires refrigeration after opening, it’s best to keep them in the fridge.  I am excited to play with lots of combos, I’m thinking of trying almond butter, nutella and lots of different toppings!  If you make them, let me know what combo you tried!

Chris got home around 3 and I cleaned up the kitchen and helped him cut his hair…ah, married life.

We made a quick dinner of hot dogs, mac & cheese (Annie’s Organic), baked beans and salad.

I ended up not eating my bun…and yes, there really is a hot dog under that ketchup-mustard mess 😉  My salad contained (all produce from our veggie box) – red leaf lettuce, brocolli, cucumber, carrots, tomato, croutons, glazed walnuts, craisins, olives and a sprinkle of parmesan.

And now…I need to get lunches packed and get settled on the couch in time for Glee tonight!  Have a great Wednesday bloggies, we’re half way to another weekend!!


A repeat, again? April 15, 2010

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Grey’s is a repeat this week…again.  Booooo!!!  They had  better be taking this time off to make some fantastic May episodes.  Is May another “sweeps” month?  At least Glee was a new episode this week and did not disappoint.  Best line of the week?  “You know dolphins are just gay sharks, right?”  This line spurred me to have a really random dream last night – Chris was a cross between himself and Vampire Bill from True Blood and I looked like Nicole Kidman.  All the people in the world died (except us and some random bad guys) so Chris, being part vampire was really hungry – so we swam about 100 miles out into the ocean so he could feast on a gay mer-shark.  Then, the gay-mer shark cast a spell on us just as he was being devoured by my vamp-husband and then we were later attacked by lawn gnomes (who looked like the little mermaid)…so weird.  And all started by a little line on a TV show (and maybe the lack of oxygen making it to my brain from this darned cold thing I’ve got going on).

I’m feeling better this evening but my voice is in/out, we shall see how tomorrow goes.  I have to be at work to get a draft out, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be happy about it/be fully functional.  I’m actually contemplating putting a sign up on my white board asking people to email me because it hurts so much to talk…

Chris and I had a light dinner of paninis (duplicates of the ones we made this weekend), grapes/peaches/apples and salads.  yummy and springy!  Now I’m catching up on blog reading and contemplating bed while Chris plays some video games (boys ;)).

I’m having a weird night, I have been feeling really introspective lately as we’ve discussed the game plan for the next few years of our lives and sometimes I wish that maybe we weren’t as successful as we are.  We’ve definitely had our hiccups since graduating in 2005/2006 and were brokey mcbrokerson’s when we moved in together for about the first year or so, but we put our nose’s to the grindstone, paid off all debt we had (minus student loans and our one car payment – but we’re 1/2 way done paying off our loans and pay extra on our car each month) but by all accounts, we’re doing really well and are very established compared to other people our age.  No, we don’t have a house or a child but we have good credit, good jobs and a full savings account.  I don’t mean to toot our own horn as we’re by no means “rich” or ‘perfect” – far from it definitely, we’ve just really, really focused on making good choices the last couple years to get to a lifestyle where we don’t really have to worry.  But, therein lies a problem.  We both have dreams, but at this point in our lives it’s hard to distinguish if a dream is worth giving up the lifestyle we’ve worked so hard to attain.  Part of me wishes we could throw caution to the wind and jump on the dream train to see where it takes us.  The other part of me, the louder and more rational part, says that we have worked very hard to get where we are – maybe we aren’t in 100% over the moon love with our current careers but we like what we do for the most part, we like the people we work with, and we are comfortable enough to be able to do what we want outside of work.  I guess it comes down to – are we more concerned with being happy the 40-50 (+) hours a week we’re at work or the hours that we’re at home/traveling/living the rest of our lives?  I am having a very hard time answering this question because the rational side of me keeps pointing out what we’d lose to make a drastic change (sadly, thoughts of having to purchase individualized health care being one of the biggest worries)…so for now, no major changes.  What would you do bloggies?  I know we all follow very different paths post college – some people want kids right away, some want to travel the world before settling down, some people love their chosen career and some bounce from place to place.  Which do you think is most important – being happy at work, or doing something that pays the bills so you can be happy in your life outside of work?  If you had to choose between happiness and money/stability, what would you choose? Growing up – I always said I would choose happiness, but when it comes right down to it, I think it’s very hard to walk away from the stability because of the potentially risky situation it could put Chris and I in (think medical bills, scrimping to pay rent, etc).

I really look forward to your responses because this is a set of questions causing me some pretty intense mental turmoil.  I will point out that Chris and I are happy at our current jobs – they are challenging, we both have some great co-workers and both enjoy the freedom/stability our jobs provide (we can both essentially take time off when we want, self-manage our day-to-day activities to some degree and even set our own hours to some degree).   Just with turning 26 last week, I feel like it’s time to really start planning where we’re going as I’d hate for us to wake up one day 5-10 years down the road and regret a path we didn’t try, you know?

Ok, that was deep….so I’ll fluff it up a little and leave you with some delicious eye candy.  True Blood is returning in just under 2 months…cannot wait!  Have a great Friday bloggies!  ❤ you all!!


Wardrobe Malfunction April 12, 2010

I knew it would happen someday – pretty sure I walked around with a see through dress on!  Whooops!!  In honor of the 75 degree weather today I wore a really cute wrap dress with three quarter kimono style sleeves.  It was a white dress but had a navy/lime pattern all over, so I thought I was safe.  I seriously scrutinized myself in the mirror (and dawdled in general) this morning that I left the house 10 minutes late and was certain I was totally show-proof.  One glance in the mirror at work proved me wrong though!  Chris insists he couldn’t see through it (I asked when I got home) but…I swear I could see straight through it!  So embarrassing.  Note to self – buy and wear slip!

Flashing back to this morning I had a white mocha courtesy of the Keurig and made 2 quick microwave eggs that I didn’t have time to eat 😦  I wolfed one, but sadly – no picture.  I topped my eggs with a teeny bit of feta and salsa.  By 9 I was hungry so I knew it was going to be one of “those” days.  I dug into some white cheddar Pirate’s Booty to try to calm my gnawing tummy.

I was going to go out to lunch today with 3 co-workers for my birthday but between see-through dress and being uber-busy…it just wasn’t happening.  I made an emergency run around 11 to a small grocer downtown for a DIY salad that was highly disappointing.  I topped spinach with some diced ham, parmesan cheese, balsamic vineagreatte, carrots, craisins, mushrooms, chick peas, tomatoes and cucumber and it just tasted…off.  Booo!!!

I ended up not eating most of my salad and instead had a caramel and a small chocolate bar I picked up as back ups.  Both were SO good.  Not very filling though 😦

Work will be crazy again until about May 10th and I tried my best to keep busy today.  I hate when I’m waiting on other people to provide the support I need to do my job.  I have to have a draft out tomorrow and actually left at 5 tonight because I didn’t see the point in sitting around waiting for someone who may or may not send me the support tonight.  I am usually more productive first thing in the morning anyway – so hopefully I can get it hammered out right away before my 10am meeting 🙂  It’s so hard to get back into the deadline grind after just coming off the year-end filing time line/audits a week ago.  At least I have vacation to look forward to 🙂  Sooo excited about that!

Around 4 I snacked on a handful of homemade trail mix – unsalted peanuts/cashews/almonds with raisins, m&ms and mixed chocolate chips – and a handful of grapes:

When I got home tonight Chris had made the sauce and cooked the chicken for dinner, so all I had to do was heat and roll the tortillas and put it all in the oven.  We had chicken enchilada casserole which is A+ comfort food in our house.  The recipe involves canned soup, Rotel tomatoes, sour cream and a few secret ingredients.  Super yummy and quick!  On the side we had leftover veggie rice from last night to which I added a can of kidney beans.

And now, it’s time to pick up the kitchen and I keep walking past the bananas in the kitchen thinking “banana split, need banana split.”  I just happen to have..um…5 pints of ice cream in the freezer, so I suppose we should get to work on them!  What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Right now, I’m addicted to the Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter cup flavor with the Boulder ice cream pumpkin flavor coming in a close second!

And – who’s excited for GLEE to come back on tomorrow night? The DVR will be burning up in our house since it comes on at the same time as Lost!!!


Lazy Sunday December 20, 2009

Hi Bloggies, happy Sunday afternoon!

Today has  been a lazy day, with a capital L.  Chris is still nursing his cold and neither of us slept well last night (until I finally remembered my mom telling me to sleep with my head propped WAY up when I had a cough as a kid and we finally fell asleep around 6am) so I woke up dehydrated, with a raging headache and just sleepy in general.  I felt a little guilty skipping my 6 miles this morning, but sometimes you just need to blog and be lazy 🙂

Chris’ mom made breakfast this morning – scrambled eggs with leftover ham from last night and cheese.  I ate a scoop of eggs minus the ham…darn PETA images in my head!!  I also had 2 slices of wheat toast with butter (Shedd’s Spread Country Crock, what my grandparents used to use – felt like Sundays as a kid, hehe) and some of my homemade triple berry jelly from this summer (pre-blogging, can’t wait to photograph and share with you guys this summer…it seriously looks like a murder scene and takes forever to clean up, but is so good it’s worth it).  Typical of the last week, I failed on pictures 😦

After breakfast we had to run to Best Buy to pick up something for Chris’ video game thing-a-ma-bobber and Costco to pick up chicken (our Costco carries Coleman Organics chicken, which we really enjoy).  Best Buy didn’t have what Chris needed, but I did manage to find some Trolli Bright Crawlers and a  bottle of water (and Chris found a set of 3 games for the Wii he wanted that was normally $49.99 marked down to $19.99!).  At Costco we got 2 whole chickens, the card Chris needed for his game thing (it was $170 at Best Buy and $28 at Costco – same brand and everything!!), a cute purple sweater I could not pass up (short-sleeve, deep V and a really deep purple color that was only $12) and some lunch meat.  We then headed over to Ultimate Electronics to look for the card reader and ran into Chris’ parents!!  Small world 🙂

At Ultimate we found the card reader and browsed through the appliances as I have an infatuation with Electrolux and was looking to see if they’re only carried at Best Buy or other places…so far looks like just  Best Buy in our area.  We also checked out the selection of pool tables and found one we really like.  It’s only $9,500 – so we’ll be putting that on our Christmas list next year…not!  It would be nice though 😛  We also found some fun chairs that go in the game room that have a holder not only for your drink, but also your pool stick!  They were only $799.99 each 😉  A girl can dream…

After Ultimate we came home and I cleaned the bathroom and started some laundry while Chris cleaned the tub and our fish Franklin’s tank.  Franklin has been playing dead lately but after getting fresh water today he was unstoppable!  He was looping around and around his tank for a good 2 or 3 minutes and then went to take a nap in his “house.”  Apparently he was worn out.  We made a quick lunch of Udi’s sour dough bread (found at Costco last week, score) topped with a little pizza sauce + turkey pepperoni + Parmesan + a sprinkle of mozzarella.  On the side we had some Rice Works chips and each had 2 Newman-Os.  If you haven’t tried these, you need to!  They taste JUST like Oreo’s but are made with mainly organic ingredients and a portion of proceeds goes to charity.

Now I’m curled up with one of Chris’ parents dogs while Chris is trying to figure out how to stream Hulu through the internet in his PlayStation 3.  I just discovered how freaking awesome Hulu since we moved in with Chris’ parents and am hooked!  Last night I watched Top Chef and last week we watched Glee…fun!!