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*Le Sigh* September 8, 2010


The above “zzz” are me pretending to sleep, it was NOT a peaceful night at the Hoge Runs house last night.  It’s been super quiet/peaceful/friendly/relaxing at our apartment complex for the last 6 months (can you believe it’s been 6 months since we moved in??) but last night, ugh. To start with, I get random bouts of insomnia which just plain stink to begin with.  Last night C was quietly watching an unnamed cartoon with his headphones on and the light from the TV was driving me bonkers.  If it wasn’t for the insomnia bout it would have been cool, so I waited an hour to ask him to turn it off start sighing and tossing/turning loudly. And then, around 11, the noise started.  We apparently have new neighbors across the courtyard from us and they were SO freaking loud!  They were playing random music – everything from techno to Jay Z to Colbie Calliat, had all their lights on, were sitting on the porch smoking/drinking/taking FB pictures (“oh my gosh, this pic is so hottttttt”) and finally at midnight we called the “Courtesy Patrol.”  They’re essentially the mall cops of our apartment complex and sometime around 1 the neighbors either gave up on their mini-party (there were only 2 of them, so weird) or the rent-a-cops asked them to shut it down.

And then, I was awake til almost 2.  Blech!!!  And wouldn’t ya know, I woke up again at 5:30??  Does anyone have any tricks for dealing with insomnia?  I get a random patch of 3-4 days every month or so and absolutely hate it.

A few fun eats from yesterday, as I’m barely hanging on mentally today and can’t carry on much witty banter 😉

BBQ cheeseburger meatloaf for lunch:

This was leftover from Monday night and so.freaking.good.  It was the crunchy corner piece and all the BBQ sauce had caramelized on the edges and was loaded with flavor.  I hadn’t made this meatloaf forever, and hadn’t made it with hamburger for even longer than that, but grass fed hamburger was on sale at Whole Foods this weekend and I couldn’t resist.  The meatloaf contains 3 kinds of BBQ sauce (since we were running low and needed to finish the bottles), Paula Deen’s Butt Massage seasoning (hehehehehehehe), cubed sharp cheddar, bread crumbs, an egg, and bacon.  The bacon truly takes it to another level…mmmm!  Expect to see more leftovers later this week!

Along with my meatloaf I had a spinach, bleu cheese, tomato, carrot, celery, craisin, and candied walnut salad.  For those of you who bring salads for lunch – do you have a way to make the spinach not get slimy by lunch time?  I pack my salad the night before and it’s perfectly dry and crisp (I bring dressing in a separate container) and by the time lunch rolls around my spinach is wilted and kind of creepy.  Suggestions??

And my afternoon snack was a pretty cup of lemon yogurt topped with fresh raspberries, perfection!  I don’t know why I haven’t tried this combo before.

Dinner last night was chicken enchiladas – you’ve seen ’em before, you’ll see ’em again, so I’ll spare you a picture 🙂  Post-dinner I worked on a throw for the couch (pics to come soon as it gets a little bigger, right now it’s kind of like a sad scarf), and we caught up on this week’s episode of The Glades and The Colony.  September is such a crazy TV month – True Blood finale, Dexter premiere, Glee premiere, Grey’s Anatomy premiere, Lone Star premiere, and on and on.  What fall TV show are you most excited to see back?

And with that…have a wonderful day bloggies!  I’m now going to go see about getting a coffee IV set up 😛


Sleep tonight? October 15, 2009

I certainly hope so, I just watched last week’s episode of Top Chef and had major trouble keeping my eyes open, so after this post I’m taking a hot shower with some Aveeno relaxing body wash and going to bed early.  How much I sleep tonight will determine if my last pre-marathon run is tomorrow morning or Friday morning.

I had a nice talk with a co-worker today who’s an amazing marathoner.  At last year’s Denver Marathon he won his age group, he has run Boston, and is working on a sub-3 hour marathon (he actually may have completed this…I’m not sure).  Sunday’s marathon will be his 7th and he said the nerves never go away…you just learn how to cope!  Like, for sleeping – he says he still has insomnia the week before a race, but has tricked his body into falling asleep around 8pm.  He wakes up around 3am…and lays there, til it’s time to get up and runs on his lunch hour to stock up on sleep for the weekend (since Saturday night I’m expecting none, this is a good idea).  He also suggested that I’m off my feet almost completely by 2 or 3pm on Saturday afternoon, not solely to rest my legs – that’s what tapering’s for, but so that by the time the alarm goes off to head downtown Sunday morning I’m 100% ready to get out of bed and get moving because I’m sick of being in bed 🙂

Today for lunch I had a Morningstar Farms Spicy Black Bean burger which I wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with a slice of Tillamook cheese.

wrapI snagged a packet of ranch sauce and a packet of buffalo sauce from the Chik-Fil-A in the food court of my building for sauce, and wrapped everything up.  On the side I had grapes (which were a surprisingly good way to mop up the buffalo sauce that dripped on to my plate, it sounds weird but the salty/sweet/spicy combo was awesome and gave me an idea for a salad to make the next time I have leftover chicken) and some plain Pop Chips.  The chips were good, just lightly salty.  But, I have to say they were a little more “rice cake-y” than the BBQ flavor, which is my favorite hands down (of the flavors I’ve tried so far, our grocery store does not carry some of the varieties).


pop chips

I also had a cup of Archer Farm’s Key Lime yogurt.  This had a really nice texture and flavor!


Tomorrow I’ll be giving Stonyfield fruit on the bottom another try, after a great comment from Annie pointing out that the texture won’t be as smooth as other brands of fruit-on-the bottom and to make sure to stir it really good to incorporate all the fruit and avoid the slightly sour taste I had earlier this week.

Toward the middle of the afternoon I raided the administrative assistant’s candy jar and picked out a 2 pack of Starburts and a 3 pack of Whoppers.  The Whoppers were really good, I had forgotten how good they were.  But, the Starbursts were crummy!  I didn’t realize she had 2 kinds and grabbed the Tropical, so I ended up with cantaloupe and strawberry banana…not good!!

candyI ended up leaving work around 5:30…only to get delayed on the train coming home!  A fuse was blown about 2 stops out of downtown and we all had to get off and wait for another train.  I ended up getting home around 6:30 and we made it a take-out night, next week we’ll get back on track…this week’s just been nuts and with company coming this weekend neither of us really feels like making a mess in the kitchen.  I’m slowly working through my stack of books to be read and was thankful to have Letters from Alcatraz (a signed copy I picked up when we went to San Francisco in August) in my bag.  This is a really interesting book and shows a different side to prison life and some very notorious criminals through their letters to government officials, family and friends.  I have a strange fascination with prison – so I picked up this book and one other at Alcatraz that I can’t wait to read.  Some people want to go to San Francisco for the art, the food, the history…I wanted history – prison history!  I don’t know why I’m so intrigued by it all, but I love to watch Lock Up on MSNBC and was quite proud of all the prison lingo I had to throw around while we were on The Rock 🙂

Ok, now it’s time for bed!  I hope you all had a great Wednesday…downhill slide to the weekend folks!


4 More Days! October 14, 2009

4 more days til the marathon, yikes!!  I had a great run this morning.  Just an easy 3 miles on the treadmill, I ran the first mile in 11:01 (which included some walking at the beginning of the mile to loosen up and get my I Pod going) and 0% incline.  Mile 2 was at 10:10 and 10:00 pace with a 1% incline and then the third mile I sped up by 10 seconds every 400 meters and then every 5 meters the last lap (ending at an 8 min pace for the last 5 meters).  My final time was 30:34.  I had a really good mix of music this morning – Queen, Jim Croce, Bruce Springsteen, Britney Spears, Jay Z and a couple others I’m spacing.  My taste in music is very eclectic to begin with, but I’m sure if people looked at my running playlists they’d get really confused!!  I do not use my I Pod outside or in races, it’s for the gym only, but I’m thinking of stowing it in my Fuel Belt Sunday as my emergency motivation back up.  We’ll see how full the pockets are and if I have room!

Today will be another busy day, so here’s a quick recap of my eats yesterday and today so far.

Breakfast yesterday was a caramel macchiato and a pumpkin scone from Starbucks.  The scone was good, but a tad on the dry side.


caramel macchiato

Lunch yesterday was a game time decision.  I was really stressed out and not having a very good day and my appetite was nil.  I took a break and walked to the bank, deposited a rebate check we got from our insurance a few weeks ago (we have AllState and get a check every 3 months that we don’t have an accident, sweet!) and then chatted with Chris for a little bit to calm down.  I stopped in the food court of my building on the way back and picked up a chicken burrito with green chili, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and guac.  It was good, and a reasonable size (I’d say about 1/2 the size of a Chipotle or Qdoba burrito, and contains no rice, just chicken and beans). I also had a Mountain Dew at lunch.  It was one of those days where I felt like if I let myself get sleepy I’d just start crying at my desk!



Dinner last night was unpictured Quizno’s.  Chris and I both got home late and just weren’t in the mood to cook – even though the only cooking we would have done was open a can of soup.  So, we gave ourselves a free day from the 30 day eat-in challenge 🙂  I of course, had a Cabo Turkey sandwich…with extra banana peppers on wheat.  While we ate we watched 50 Marathons, 50 States, 50 Days about Dean Karnazes’ journey to run a marathon in every state to bring attention to childhood obesity.   I loved Dean’s book Ultramarathon Man and also loved the 50/50/50 book.  They were both really inspirational and I love that Dean’s just a normal guy with extraordinary talent, and provides great “real world” advice for all of us every day runners.  And, the movie had the added bonus of lots of DK with no shirt time…sigh!  Chris watched bits and pieces of the movie, but didn’t seem to be as interested as he was in Sprit of the Marathon last weekend.

I went to bed around 9:30…and fell asleep at 11.  I have bouts of insomnia from time to time that last anywhere from 1 day to a week and they suck!  I have been letting myself hit the snooze and sleep in til 6:10 the last 2 days (so I’d get about 7 hours of sleep) but this morning I just couldn’t fall back asleep and really wanted to run, even though I was exhausted.  So, I got out of bed at 4:45 (alarm went off at 4:30) and was in the gym by 5:50 for my 3M run.

After the gym, I had breakfast with the husband, we both had apple fritter toast from Target’s bakery section with chunky Maranatha almond butter and a glass of Naked OJ.  Yum!  I included a close up of the top of the bread, there are little sugar crystals baked in – very decadent!


bread top

On my way into the office I picked up a white mocha from Starbucks.  I’ve been doing so good avoiding coffee, but this week I’m just giving in to temptation 🙂  It doesn’t help that I pass a Peet’s, Starbucks, Ink!, Caribou Coffee, and a Peaberry on my way into work from the train station!

white mocha

Ok, I’ll hopefully be back for a lunchtime post today, if not, definitely tonight!  I hope everyone has a great hump day!